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Scorpion "Satellite Of Love" Season 2 Premiere Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Previously on Scorpion (which they actually didn't do, so I'll do it for ya), Walter had a horrible car accident and Paige and Walter kissed! Well, while Walter was in a coma, but still, they had a moment.  Will Walter remember this romantic moment that he had with Paige or will they sweep it under the rug like it was nothing?

Well, in the end, it looked like it might be a little bit of both. I'm not totally sure if Walter remembered the whole kiss in the hospital thing, but we aren't sure of when Walter hacked into the hospital video system to download that special moment. It could have been before Paige ever told him about it or it could have been after. But I think it's the latter. Just because I don't see of any free time since they first started up the show to when Paige told him, to when they got their first case, that he even had time to do such a thing. 

Even though his team thinks he's doing great, Walter, in reality, isn't doing all that great. He isn't functioning 100% and no one knows it. He basically lied to his doctor to get out of hospital therapy to get back to work. Yes, Walter's bored, but that doesn't mean he can just get back to work. With his little "spells" he has, that could spell disaster for him and not to mention the entire world, too.

Yep, the first day back on the job and they have to save the whole entire world. Well, part of a city, but still. It's big pressure, which is one of the biggest no no's he got from his doctor to stay away from. Walter doesn't listen, to no surprise there that he does it anyways. He does have some hiccups and totally blames himself, but in the end, everything works out. They save the satellite from crashing into the earth. But not without a little action to go along with it.

Man, when they said they were upping the action on the show, they weren't kidding! Walter and Paige actually ended up having to go up in some air ballon to change the direction of the satellite. It worked, but not without putting Walter in danger. Everything turned out fine, though. But of course, they had to have a very awkward moment of talking about their feelings (with Toby ease dropping into it). Shoving them aside and calling it a "oh it's because of the day we were having and the intense work situation, blah blah blah". At least they know that they like each other, but will they ever admit that those feelings are actually true instead of just pushing it aside?

I thought that moment had come at the end when they wanted to "test" the relationship in the work place. But it only led to them pushing each other aside, them shoving their feelings aside as well calling it an "oh I didn't feel a thing" even though they clearly did. 

Happy and Toby have a few moments as well. You gotta give to Toby. He's not one for giving up too easily on something he wants. Which is sweet. And hello Happy, how many times does Toby have to prove that to you for you to actually give him a chance? 

I really like the new homeland security lady. Hey, she's the reason they got their jobs back. It was really funny watching Cabe teach people on a movie set on how to do their police acting right. But I'm glad that didn't last long. That's so not the place for him. 

In the end, this second season seems to be shaping up for another exciting ride!