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Castle "The Nose" Episode Review

The minute I saw Mia, I was annoyed by her and I was thinking it was going to last like that the whole time, but it actually didn't turn out that way at all. The way she can smell things that sensitively was just like, really? Is that even possible? But it's TV, so I'm sure some of it must have been true. By the time the episode had ended, though, Mia had grown on me a bunch. 

She was a big help to their new case too. Since she is so hyper aware of smells, she was able to first smell that the painting was a forgery and secondly and most importantly find out who the killer was. So, let me back up a bit. Their new case was the fact that a guy died trying to transport a painting and Mia was the witness. A very close witness. One who rode on an elevator with him and why he didn't actually end up killing her, was beyond me and that was the worst mistake he made, since she was the key to solving the crime. In the end, it ended up being the brother. All because he had some debt he had to pay off and didn't want the real painting to be sold like that.

Is Kate perhaps getting tired of being away from Castle? First she has to go get the rest of her stuff which totally bummed me out and Castle too. Then did anybody else catch the fact that she called him Babe? I'm surprised Castle didn't jump on that at all. No mention of the fact that she said that. She only called him that when they were together, so hello, why didn't you pick up on something like that? Mia was a great help in telling Castle that what Kate and him have is the real thing. That she still likes him, so please let this be some sort of hint for him. 

Poor Ryan. He got beat out by his best friend for the Sargent position. One he needed way more then Espo. Which causes a rift between them. Like seriously? Ok getting shot in the butt was pretty hilarious and it is Espo, so I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less, but I think they, well mainly him, took it too far. It was all an accident. Sure, Ryan was hurt by not getting the job, but he wouldn't take out his frustrations like that. 

Man, Castle of all people should know how to keep a machine private. Telling "Lucy" personal stuff without warning her not to blab it to everybody was kind of a bad move, but still, it made for a fun encounter with the family. I'm sure Castle will turn that to private from now on. 

You know what I realized, that this episode had no awesome Castle and Alexis PI work that I've grown to love over the course of the new season. Something has to fill the no Kate and Castle void. Not that I don't already love Castle and Alexis together, but that was a nice distraction and none of that in the new episode. Maybe they just wanted a break. Whatever the case may be, hopefully we will see that team work together again soon because they make a pretty good team. Father/daughter and PI team.

After all of this, Mia, thanks to Castle realized that she can have a life outside of her very neat and tidy house. Even if she has a rare nose thing, that shouldn't stop her from living her life. Which could be said to anybody with any sort of thing really. Still, it was a sweet message at the end and seeing Kate going through her house was a sad, but hopefully a meaningful moment. Hey, she even left a t-shirt of her's behind. I'm sure that wasn't done on accident.