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Castle "PhDead" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I don't know why Castle is having such a hard time with Kate and her decision. Sure, she hasn't completely told him the truth as to why she's doing what she's doing, but she's protecting him. He can't know why because if he did, he'd be in danger and she doesn't want that. Their marriage isn't over, but he thinks it is so he goes to extreme measures to get her back. But that's just the Castle we all know and love.

Whatever that thing Castle bought as a "friend" or whatever reason he had for buying it was, was pretty hilarious. Reminded me of Siri, but more so. I don't even know what it was, but still, it was pretty funny. However, it gave him a pretty bad idea. How did you get Kate in the beginning? Well, by working with her and he thinks thats the thing to do again.

I for one, love that Alexis is involved more. It was cute in the beginning how she was just there as more of a daughter and we saw her once in a while growing up, but now that she doesn't have that, she needed more and I think they stepped up her character a bunch and it adds to more of the daddy/daughter scenes that I love so much. Sure, Castle having a one track mind with getting Kate back, he isn't totally thinking like a dad in certain scenes and when he's reminded of that, he quickly pulls her out of that situation, but still, it's fun to have their team more again. Alexis is quite good at this stuff. Like father like daughter.

The plot thickens with Kate and her search to find the head honcho of whoever is after them. I am intrigued to find out who it might be, but I also hope that it doesn't last too long. Just three episodes in and I already miss Caskett acting like Caskett. I still don't trust the guy that's helping Kate, though. I think he might be involved somehow, just don't know how.

Their new case is quite an odd one, but I guess I shouldn't expect anything less with it being around Halloween and this show sometimes does these odd cases anyways. Man, that prison experiment sounded way creepy. Messed with the students minds so much that one of them ended up committing murder because of it. Poor girl. I don't think she wanted to kill Peter, but she just snapped. Hopefully that place was shut down and for good. No one needs to do that again. It was just awful.