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Castle "What Lies Beneath" Episode Review

Maybe it's the fact that I'm starting to not like the fact that Kate is lying to Castle about why she "left" him. Even though she didn't totally leave him, she's just protecting him, but he doesn't know that. No one knows that. That's probably why Martha felt the need to try to talk some sense into Kate. I'm not totally sure if that helped, but I'm hoping it might have.

It is kind of cool that Castle is still trying to work with the NYPD, even if he can't have the same privilege like he used to. The guys and Kate should have known that even if Castle can't work with them anymore, with his PI work, he's still gonna find someway around it to work with them. 

They shouldn't deny that help/work either, since Castle was pretty vital in solving this case, too. I had no clue how it was going to turn out and I guess I should have seen it coming that it ended up being the wife. All because she gave up a life that she could have had, in hopes of marrying into big money with someone who claimed he was a big time author. All to find out, that it was one big lie. They guy was liar. He lied about everything. Even tried to go to a meeting to help it out, but that still didn't work.

Ryan is worried about money now that he's bringing a second child into the family and Jenny wants everything brand new again. She doesn't want to reuse anything. Which is understandable. I mean, what happens if they have a boy this time? But now this pushes Ryan to do something kind of mean with Espo. Espo tells Ryan of a promotion and instead of trying to both get the one slot, he pushes Espo out of the way and gets the last slot himself. Only to learn if he had gone to Kate in the beginning, she could have worked her magic as Captain and gotten them both a slot, which she did.

I do miss Castle and Kate a lot. Even though they still had sweet moments here and there, it's just not the same at all. But I do love the fact that Alexis is on screen more instead of just in the background. That she's helping her dad out with the cases and is more involved that way. I just love seeing that. I always liked seeing how they worked together, so this is just a nice thing. I'm sure I can speak for the whole fan base when I say this, though, please don't keep Kate and Castle away from each other too long, please.