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Girl Meets Texas Part 1 Review

This may be one of those game changing episodes that they love to do on this show and it has been one I've been nervous about since I heard about it. Since I am a fan of Riley and Lucas, I'm not totally sure how I feel about Maya and Lucas possibly being the 'it' couple and I'm still not sure if that's how it'll end up like.

Yes, they are in middle school, but if they want to form something around the original part of the show (Boy Meets World) with Cory and Topagna, they have to start somewhere. I am torn, though. I guess I wouldn't mind if either one happened (Lucas and Maya or Lucas and Riley), but I'm not sure how I'd feel about one or the other.

I am glad Riley may have stumbled upon her true feelings for Lucas. I.e. he's just a brother to her. However, I'm not totally sure if that's true. If you remember a few episodes back, Maya played Riley and found that out about her best friend since her mom said "when you play people, you sometimes realize something about them that they don't realize themselves". But I'm not totally sure if that's the case at all. The way Riley reacted when she realized that and how Lucas kind of burst out when she told him that, made me wonder if that's not how the show is going to go about and Maya's look on her face when Riley said it out loud, it was like she was rethinking something.

It could be the whole Shawn and Topagna set up back when they tried to get Cory to do something about his feelings. But I'm not sure about that, either. Sure, they've had some episodes that reflected on Boy Meets World, but I'm not sure if they'd copy a big storyline like that. Ok, would totally not mind if that's how it would play out, but still, I'm not totally sure how it's even going to go down. Or remember the trap that Riley set up for Shawn, Maya and Maya's mother? Guess it could be along those lines as well. 

Even if Maya doesn't have feelings for Lucas (just because someone teases you a bunch doesn't mean anything), this will be just more fire for her fuel when they get back home. Man, I can hear the teasing now. Part 2 to air tomorrow night!