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Girl Meets Texas Part 2 Review

Wow, this episode just became more real then the whole two seasons put together have been, but that's what the writers are good at. Which is a good thing. One of the things I've missed on Disney, is a true show based on things that could actually happen in the real world. But I am glad that they are sticking to one thing. That the girls' friendship will stick together no matter what. 

Man, I'm just as confused as the characters themselves. But one thing is for sure, is that Lucas has true feelings for Riley. He hates being in the brother/sister zone. That was totally evident. Which is why I'm hoping that Maya and maybe even Farkle and Zay are in on a plan to get them together. 

I also don't think that Riley likes having to hide her true feelings. That was made evident in the promo when Riley told Farkle something in secret. But she's being a good friend for Maya who is confused (or this is all apart of her whole plan) of her feelings right now and having her friend explore them and figure them out. 

Even though that camp fire scene was pretty intense, the way Maya was kind of acting, just made me wonder if this could all be a set up. I think she was surprised that Lucas reacted the way he did about Riley. 

After seeing the promo for tomorrow night's conclusion, I do have somewhat of a hope for the show. That something may happen that all fans will like. That it'll end on a good note. With no one getting hurt, but it ending happy. Then again, like I said, it could just be me wishful thinking it.