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Hawaii Five-0 "Lehu a Lehu (Ashes to Ashes)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I feel like whatever was wrong last season, they made right this season. These are the type of episodes that I loved back in the beginning. Major action, an interesting story line and the team working together as a team. Sure, there are still side stories going on, but they fit better into the story.

Some crazy psycho wants Jason out of jail. Remember that crazy dude a couple seasons back that set fires for his own enjoyment? Well, someone wants him out. Little does he know, that this someone had a back up plan all along. To kill him once he got out. But why? For fame. Yep, all to be famous. 

However, his fame didn't last all that long. Once both convicts escaped, Jason went after Andre as revenge. If I understood what was in the jar at the end, I'm assuming it was Andre. So much for him wanting to be famous, since he was killed by the guy he was trying to over throw.

Still, it was a pretty intense episode, one where I didn't even know where it would go with the story line, but it still kept me intrigued.

So glad Adam lived! But he was hurt pretty badly. Kono is always by his side and I love that nothing seems to phase her. I thought she'd become a bit boring once she got married, but that hasn't stopped her from being herself. Which hopefully doesn't put a strain on their relationship since she's worried about who's after them. It doesn't help that they don't have the money to pay them off to get rid of them. Still, I was thinking "Man, can't they at least have a break?". But I guess a guy like that won't rest until he has what he wants. Even then, will it be enough?

Is Steve really gonna propose to Catherine or is it just big talk and he won't follow through? That's what Danny is wondering in their "cargument". Have I said already that I love that these are back? One of the main reasons why I didn't enjoy the episodes last season is that it lacked this a lot. 

Well, so much for Kono's worry or does she still have to worry? With the two guys that were sent to watch them showing up dead, this might be a sign from the big guy telling him to give the money or else. Hoping they get out of the situation and soon because I have a feeling that the or else will lead to death for both of them.