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Hawaii Five-0 "Ua 'O'Oloku Ke Anu I Na Mauna (The Chilling Storm Is on the Mountains)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Poor guy, going to go out to find some stuff to turn into art one minute and then dead the next. But first off, I didn't even think guns could go off in salt water, secondly they think it's happened before, thirdly how in the world would the evidence stay in one spot in the ocean without moving? Is that even possible? So, who's the real owner of the gun/killer? That's what the team finds out.

Max is back! And has a special helper this time. Danny's nephew, Eric. Who I liked instantly. Of course, I do like the actor himself, so that helps a bit, but still. He was a lot like Danny in some ways and even though Eric is kind of hyper, I guess is a good word to describe him, he is quite good at his job, working for Max. I'm hoping we'll see more of him soon.

Well, I guess Steve finally gave into Jerry's request about giving him an office. However, it's not quite like what Jerry was hoping for. He wanted something on the main floor. Instead, he was sent down to the basement. Kamekona isn't too thrilled about Jerry now working part time for him. But Jerry was thrilled when he got to say his official title for the first time. The look on his face was just priceless.

Max was right. The two cases were connected. But not like how anybody thought it was. Blackmail. Yep, Aaron, the true murderer killed the first guy and it was his gun to begin with. Well, it wasn't really over a small thing. Ok, murder is murder, but the guy tried to buy Aaron off with fake money. Not the brightest idea there if you ask me.

Catherine oh Catherine. Where do I even begin with you? First I was thrilled that you were back, now I don't totally like you. Breaking Steve's heart into a million little pieces and now he's probably gonna be hard to live with for a little while until his heart mends, is just not acceptable. Right when he was about to propose too! But there is something bigger going on with her. Way bigger then having the feeling of being needed. It was all one big lie. What she really is doing, I couldn't even begin to guess. She's undercover for someone, but for who, I don't know and if it's even for the good people is another question as well. The flashbacks of her and Steve from both of them, makes me wonder if she really is off the show for good this time or if they will go more into her story later on. Anywho, so not thrilled that she broke his heart again and I was a fan of them.