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NCIC: LA "Blame It On Rio" Episode Review

Tony being in LA and working with NCIS out there, made me finally realize what was missing from NCIS and I guess the only word to describe it could be, family. NCIS still acts and works like a family, but ever since Ziva left, the show hasn't been quite the same. I felt like I got the old spice of Tony when he went to LA. He was even flirting! Haven't seen that in a long time.

Even though Tony fit in awkwardly at first, by the time he left, I was sad to see him go. He fit in quite nicely with them. Even if he is a suit from Washington. I think LA is more his scene. I wouldn't mind it at all if Tony decided to transfer. Though Deeks would probably have a problem with that. 

Yep, the girl Tony was flirting with, was Kensi. It was nice to see that stuff again. Haven't seen that on NCIS in quite some time. Tony trying to give Deeks some words of advice about dating in the field may not work out like they think it will was kind of cool. 

Along with Tony in the episode, the guy they are having to protect was pretty hilarious himself. Who thought that this guy, a goofball, was a big time terrorist? I guess that's why he was so good at his job. The Marshall lost the real Rio on the flight over and they had to track him down before Tony would get in trouble with Gibbs. Trust me, that would be a bad thing. He was already not thrilled that Kensi "hung up on him". Which resulted in the head slap via Hetty! Which was ten times more awesome.

No one is making it easy for Eric to switch over and learn his martial arts stuff. Still not too clear as to why he wants to do this stuff, though I'd say it has something to do with Nell, but in a way, the teasing is getting a bit too much. I agree with Sam, what they did at the beginning was getting a little out of hand. 

More talk of Deeks' internal affairs issue, but not much more. Just that Granger wants Eric to look into it. Why? Is Deeks really hiding something from his past or is someone just framing him for something? I really hope it's the latter. I couldn't possibly see Deeks doing something awful. I just hope we will know of that soon.

Speaking of Deeks, when will he actually transfer to an NCIS agent instead of a liaison for LAPD? Maybe he just likes it like that, since he told Tony he thinks it means "secret weapon". Maybe that's how Deeks likes to think of himself as. But still, it's about time to make that change already.

When Hetty said "I need to talk to you" at the end to Tony, I was actually hoping for a brief second that she was gonna offer him a job down there! Though for some reason, I don't think Hetty totally liked Tony. But come on Tony, could you ask for a transfer? You got back to your old self and I've missed that.


  1. Hi! Did you notice that Kensi didn't recognise Gibbs? Even though she worked with him? I would have thought that they would have noticed that Tony was a member of Gibbs' team. Good review :)


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