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NCIS "Incognito" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I wasn't sure how I was going to enjoy this episode, since I knew they were doing that same old story line where two people go undercover as a married couple. This show has done it before, but with Ziva and Tony. A couple who actually had interest with each other so it made it more awkward for them. But with McGee and Ellie, it was made plenty awkward, just not the kind I'm used to.

Ellie is married and McGee has a girlfriend, so how would they make something like this awkward? Well, they did, but it could have been fixed very easily that still kind of bugs me why Ellie even got mad at McGee for her own fault in the first place. Yep, that's what made it awkward. Ellie was mad at McGee and not just a little mad, like down right angry. She was planning a surprise trip with Jake. If it was such a surprise, why not say something in the beginning? McGee spilled the beans without even realizing he was spilling the beans when Jake called one day and he answered the phone. 

But it's much more then that, I think. I believe Ellie is having personal marriage problems. She didn't quite say what was going on, but perhaps not working at the same job and having to keep so many secrets from each other, isn't doing the marriage any good and they probably hardly ever see each other. Still, she could have said "oh, I'm planning a surprise weekend with Jake" and that would have cleared up this mess to begin with.

Ok, now that my little vent is over, let's get into the episode, which was actually a pretty good one. I wasn't sure what it was all going to come down to and from first glance, the couple they were spying on, looked like a happy, normal couple, but not all is as it seems.

Especially with the wife. She may act like Lauren and look like her, but in the end, it wasn't actually her to begin with! Her husband had fallen in love with someone else while they were married and so instead of getting a divorce, he wanted the money and ended up killing his wife, so he and this new love interest of his, could live a comfortably rich life without anyone knowing.

That is until Newton stumbled onto something. I don't remember Newton, but he's clearly someone the team, mainly Tony, hated. Maybe because his "theories" never really panned out into anything. But this one actually turned out to be something. Too bad he had to die in order for the team to take him seriously.