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NCIS: LA "Citadel" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Talia is back! You know what that means. A bunch of awkwardness between her, Deeks and Kensi. I'm not totally sure if she likes Deeks or just does what she does to get a rise out of Kensi, but it makes for some of the best triangle relationship whatever you wanna call it, ever, well in my opinion.

Talia is in the care of NCIS when she finds out her partner is actually a traitor. But who really is in charge? No one knows, yet. But they have a bunch of people everywhere, even possibly at NCIS. So, who can you really trust then? 

That's what Sam and Callen try to figure out when they go undercover to try and find who's in charge by going through the first phase. A test. Not totally sure what it judges you on, but it put Callen through a loop. Or did it? I'm still not quite sure, but I have a feeling Callen was just saying those things to Sam just to say them. That Callen really did mess up the test because it reminded him of his past. I don't believe that's how it was supposed to go down. But man, Sam is right. He doesn't fail. He past with flying colors!

But how is it possible that since it clearly looked like Callen failed, that he still past the test? Well, the guy is one of the many spies that Citadel has in place and they saw "potential" in Callen with his answers and want to give him a second chance. That's how they find their people. If they see potential, then they make it so they past the test and they can place them wherever they want to and to only do what their big boss in Citadel tells them to, even if it means betraying their country. 

Hetty got to be the awesome hero at the end. Without having her in the whole episode, I was starting to get a bit disappointed. But she totally made up for not being there at the end, when she captured the lady and we found out who the actual creator of the test was. That no one could ever be smart enough to make the machine think they past when they might not have, well that is except for the creator herself: Hetty. The look on the bad lady was priceless when she realized who Hetty actually was and man, it made me realize how smart Hetty is too! To create something like that? Sheesh! 

It's funny, I always forget that Sam is married. Even though we've seen his wife, kids and everything, but maybe it's because they just don't talk about it a whole bunch and that's why I tend to forget. However, it was sort of brought up again when Kensi was asking Sam how he does his work and a relationship. Kensi revealed some pretty personal stuff to Sam about her and Deeks. Saying that being in a relationship makes her nervous. Maybe it's because they have to work together and make sure nothing bad happens to each other, that might not help with her nerves. But I hope that what Sam gave her for advice, will work later on, since Deeks had her do a major step in their relationship without her even realizing what was going on until it was too late! Deeks "plumbing problems" were actually his mother being there and he didn't want anybody to know! Of course, if Kensi knew, I have a feeling that she would have put it off for who knows how long. But Kensi didn't need to worry, it looks like Deeks' mom took a liking to her right away.