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NCIS: LA "Command and Control" Episode Review

Sam and Callen have to go off the grid when they start receiving cryptic phone calls from someone who is threatening the lives of innocent people. All to make Sam and Callen eventually look bad. But that never does happen, thank goodness. Since the team eventually found them and were able to help them out.

Pretty exciting episode if you ask me. I didn't know what was going to happen and I had no clue who would want to jeopardize Sam and Callen's or the NCIS reputation. But it all came together when they found out who the true caller was. Chad Brunson. I guess I don't remember his brother being killed by them seasons ago, but still, he was not a happy camper with them at all and this was all out for revenge.

I would have loved to have seen Kensi undercover in the beginning, though. It sounded like it was a pretty interesting case. Her having to be with some billionaire to try to figure out what was up. Which in turn made for some interesting talk between Deeks and Kensi. Deeks now feels the need to provide for her like that guy did. With expensive things and such. But he needs to realize that Kensi isn't that type of girl. It was still sweet that he was trying to do that for her, though.

Is there some deeper meaning into Eric training and learning all of this stuff? It seems so unlike him. He even wanted to go out in the field with Granger! Instead he took Nell. Which may have been a bad thing. I thought that talk was sweet at the end, but who in the world did she text? I really hope she isn't the mole that Chad was talking about. 


  1. She was texting Eric at the end. He asked how it went, being in the field..


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