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NCIS: LA "Driving Miss Diaz" Episode Review/Recap

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This week's episode was light and fun, but still plenty of action, which is what I feel like the other NCIS' sometimes lack. But they still figured out how to fit in the banter between Sam and Callen which I always love. Not to mention some awesome Deeks and Kensi moments as well.

Their new case this week, is protecting Catalina, who may or may not be involved with a 20 year old massacre that Alex is trying to put to bed after the supposed bad guy declared that he's running for President of that country where it happened. You thought all was lost until Granger, yes, Granger, showed some side of sympathy toward him and helped the case. I was surprised, but it was also kind of nice, to see a softer side of Granger. You hardly get to see that and when you do, it's just nice to know he has one.

So glad Hetty is back and not only is she an amazing person already, but she also does photography? What can't this lady do? To help Catalina with her career and still protect her at the same time, she helped the photo shoot and everything. I never get tired of learning what Hetty can do. Each time she amazes me.

Deeks and Kensi. Who doesn't love these two? Sure, their relationship hasn't been totally exciting now that they are together, but I still love it. Watching them banter about certain things. The new thing this week is Deeks and his "research" on Catalina's modeling career. Didn't sit too well there with Kensi finding that on his phone. Another couple that I'm not totally sure is together or not, also had some screen time. We learned that Nell and Eric do game nights! I'm not sure if it is with people or if they just do it together to spend time out of work or what, but still, it was cute to learn that from them.

In the end, the case did not go down as planned since they unfolded things that were surprising. First off, Catalina is actually related to Silva, the bad guy. Her mom faked their deaths along time ago so that they could get out of a not so good family situation and she was about to do that again, until they were able to stop the guy for good this time.