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NCIS "Lockdown" Episode Review

An Abby filled episode is exactly what the doctor needed to order for this season, but even so, after watching the fun LA episode with Tony being over there, I could tell again that something was missing from this show. Not blaming it all on a certain someone leaving, but I think that had a bunch to do with it.

Abby has sure grown as a character, though. In previous episodes where she was featured, you'd normally just see her a scared little girl in the corner waiting to be saved from Gibbs who would hunt down the bad guy if they hurt his little girl. Now, she tried to save the day herself. Though she tried to play it off as buying time for Gibbs to come, but I think Abby would have done well if she really did have to end up saving the day.

I was so bummed that the doctor Abby was seeing that day for help on what she found on their murder victim, ended up being the one who put the hit on the place in the first place. In a way, though, the lady did it out of the goodness of her heart. She knew the place she was working at was selling faulty drugs and she wanted to find proof so she could blow them open. Little did she know that the people she hired, would take things into their own hands and go down a dirty path.

I guess I was more upset that she ended up being involved because at the beginning, she seemed so much like Abby. Right down to the Cafpow. They hit it off immediately. Abby's face when she saw the lady confessing was just so awful to watch. I could hardly stand it. 

Jimmy is back! Now that I think of it, have we even seen him at all this season? Man, I've missed him. HIs character needs to see the light of day more often. He was hilarious tonight. Even if Ducky and Gibbs weren't totally thrilled with what he was doing, he was still just awesome and the same old Jimmy since day one. It was just refreshing to see that.

After all of Abby's field trip out, she decided not to move her office. I think Abby would have done well above ground, but this trip made her realize to stay underground and she's ok with that. I think it would have felt weird for her and me to have that kind of change on the show, so I'm glad she stuck to the basement.