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NCIS: New Orleans "Foreign Affairs" Episode Review

Even though once we saw the girlfriend and piano player, I knew one of them had to be involved somehow, it was still a pretty fun episode. Though I am not totally enjoying Naomi. Like at all. She's too pushy and doesn't take it well when Pride tells her to back off a little. 

Of course, some of it does have to do with her background and so when that was explained I did warm up to her a little, but not too much. Just something about her just doesn't rub well with me. However, I doubt this is the last time we will see her. I won't be surprised if she becomes a supposed love interest for Pride. Maybe she's just one of those characters that you have to get to know a little more before you like her.

Naomi is here, though, to help with the case because their new case became her case as well. Of course, Sonja also isn't there since she had to do training and I just think they had a spot to fill, but whatever the case may be, the new case was actually pretty interesting. Though like I said, I kind of had it figured out before they did. They just helped me confirm what I was already pondering in my head.

The poor girlfriend, Cheryl has really had bad luck with guys. Well, duh because the piano player, Luke is in love with you and wants you to realize that. His only way of doing that, though, is to kill or scare off every other guy that finds interest in her. The minute they concluded that her current boyfriend wasn't the killer, I was thinking it was him. Sure, it was a pretty easy case to figure out, but I still did have some fun.

Speaking of fun, Laurel is back! It's always nice to see her, though I have no clue how her boyfriend is doing or what even happened with that. No mention of that whatsoever in their little talks. Laurel is just worried that her dad will burry himself in his work and forget to live a life and try to move on from the divorce. Which is why I think Naomi may be seen more then just this once. Towards the end, you kind of get that feeling. Well, that and she said "Oh, I'll be back in a couple months". Biggest hint ever. 

In the end, it was nice just to have a normal episode. Nothing life changing or anything. Of course, it would have been nice to know how Chris' living situation was coming along since that was the main focus of the last weeks episode. Still, I don't mind these "filler episode" once in a while and it's only what, the 3rd or 4th episode in? Shouldn't expect too much too soon. That's not how NCIS runs.