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NCIS: New Orleans "I Do" Episode Review

Pride really stepped into the father role in this episode. Trying to figure out why Chris isn't staying home and doing what he's doing. It's understandable. He doesn't want to be reminded of Savannah's death every single time, but not talking about it isn't good for him either.

Max, the new dead guy, was quite a confusing case. Was he a spy? Did he do something bad? It was actually none of the above. He actually stumbled on an older murder that never got solved and instead of the guy confessing to what he had done, he actually added another murder to his plate. Double jail time now.

I was thinking towards the end, it had to be the friend. I was hoping beyond hope that it wouldn't be the wife or the husband. That would just be awful because of them being newlyweds. Well, it being their friend wasn't all that great, either, but I was actually right! Sorry, that doesn't happen very often. When each suspect was cleared of being the suspect, there only had to be one person left or someone was lying.

But this was just the case Chris needed in order to hopefully start to work through his own troubles. It actually helped him talk to Pride why he can't go home. But I hope that working with the little kid and such will help Chris come around. 

Brodie and Sonja talk. Sonja is a bit sour when it comes to weddings. Why is that? Brodie asks her until she breaks down. Sonja had had a past love that ended badly. They were so close that they were thinking about marriage. When in fact, he ran off and got married to someone else.