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NCIS: New Orleans "Insane In The Membrane" Episode Review

For once I was hoping that Hamilton was shady and that they actually would catch him this time, since their whole case led back to the politics, but I guess that is either not going to happen and he'll just remain a mystery or it'll happen and I'll just have to wait a little longer for that day. And on a side note, he's running for mayor now. Now that that's happened, I'm kind of hoping he's as trustworthy as he says he is. I wouldn't want the town to fall into the wrong hands. Of course, if that was ever the case, I'm sure Pride would get to the bottom of it.

It bugged me that at the beginning, no one seemed to be helping this lady who was running from someone with a gun! Then it all made sense when they found her and Loretta did her full exam on her. The poor lady had been drugged and was imagining the guy the whole time. That's why no one was going to help her. Still, if someone was running and saying "Help!" you'd think they would have at least asked what was going on. Still, with the drug that was in her system, it might have been a good thing if they didn't approach her.

What's going on with their little town, though? Other dead bodies have come in with the exact same thing. So who's in charge of it? That's what the team tries to figure out, but it hits a little close to home for Sonja, who's back from training and I couldn't be more happy to see her. Yes, I like Sonja. Since day one I've liked her. Plus, it's nice to have the teasing of the newbie back again.

Did I miss something? Since when is Brodie living with Loretta? I thought Brodie had her own place or are they neighbors? I was a bit confused at that part, but that heart to heart was sweet. Brodie still thinks about that time her sister died and when she got the call. I guess you never get over something like that. Especially when mysterious photos start coming that could possibly be telling her, that her sister's death wasn't an accident. In all of this though, I was a bit surprised that Sebastian never brought up the whole thing in the first episode when whoever asked him that question. Maybe it doesn't even have to do with the photos at all, but I would think it would. However, just kind of annoyed they haven't gotten back to that yet.

I love it when Pride gets worried for his fellow coworkers. Sonja finally opened up to him this time about what's been bugging her. That she and her friends got into drugs. One ended up dying, one was in the hospital and one disappeared. Though I'm thinking that's who she found at the end, was the friend in that creepy neighborhood. 

So, as it turns out, the team actually helped out Hamilton again by knocking off one of his competitions. The other guy, Singh, ended up being the bad guy. The one who bought Roger off to sell the drugs in Hamilton's city to make him look bad. Well, with a team like NCIS searching for answers, that didn't last long.