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NCIS: New Orleans "Touched By The Sun" Episode Review/

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Aside from the fact that nothing was brought up about Sebastian and the whole "yes or no" thing that we had in the last episode, it wasn't bad. Went down a bunch of different paths and I'm so glad it went down the path that it did because the other ones, I didn't like.

Did the American hero kill herself on perhaps? Was it because she was a woman doing so well and they thought someone would go after her because he was jealous? Well, no and I'm glad it wasn't either one. Mainly the killing herself thing, but still the woman being so powerful in a job that men do quite well at, would be wrong too.

It actually ended up all coming down to some faulty equipment in the airplane itself. In the end, they had to cut costs and go through a different country to get a part they needed, but they actually didn't build stuff like the American's needed it, so once the piece reached a certain temperature, it let out gas that is poisonous.

Sonja is experiencing her own left out because of she's a woman thing at work and doesn't like it one bit. Chris, Patton and even Sebastian had a night out without asking any of the ladies. So, she was not one bit happy. Chris finally gave in after her proving she could hold her own at "guys night" and I think she could, only to deny him! She just claimed she wanted to be invited was all. I get where she's coming from, but guys sometimes need a night out by themselves and the same for women as well. No harm in that.

So nice to see Loretta and her adoptive kids again! But I did feel bad that they ended up having to see a woman die in their fun day out. What's going on with Danny? I think this might have to partly do with his old home life and maybe him not knowing how to deal with someone caring like Loretta does, is hard too. But she was a bit hard on him. Even if he needed to focus a little more. Still, it was nice to have them back again and I hope we see them again soon.

Oh Brodie, trying to deal with a long distances relationship, but she won't let that stop her from having a little fun. It sounds like they have a mutual understanding. Well, I hope they do, that if they want to date while he's away, then it's ok and she totally got on board with it too when one of the used to be suspects asked her out when all was said and done with the case. Not sure if it'll go anywhere, but it was still a cute progress.