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Once Upon A Time "The Price" Episode Review

It's not a big surprise when magic is used, that there is some price to pay. But the biggest surprise is perhaps when Emma/Dark One actually hides the truth from Regina. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Dark One would do such a thing. But seeing as Regina has no clue why this demon thing is here to begin with, it seems worse then it should be.

6 weeks before. To the night when they threw the big ball in hopes of thinking that the hero had come to rescue them all. All to blow up in their faces when Regina lied about being the hero. Which makes me wonder if that might be part of the reason why Emma went down her path of death and destruction. 

The ball looked lovely. Mary Margaret and Emma did have a touching moment. Even if Emma was battling with being the Dark One. The dance still saved plenty of moments for each couple on the show. Not to mention a new one that could possibly be forming. Henry and Violet. Who also has come to Storybrooke along with what seems like all of Camelot itself. Why would Emma do that? Who knows, but she says something worse is on it's way.

Emma has something else hidden. No surprise since she is the Dark One. But she somehow managed to get Excalibur and has decided to merge her sword with that one. However, there's just one small glitch. The sword won't let her touch it. I wonder if that's what the man all those years before, warned her about? To not touch it no matter how enticing it may be.

The dwarves have decided to try and cross the town boarder and see what happens. Here's a new thing. Once they do, instead of losing their memories, they turn into a tree. I'm thinking that's some sort of clue as to what Merlin has turned into as well or am I the only one who thinks that? 

Yep, that's where Merlin is. Stuck in a tree and the true hero is supposedly the only one who can free him. But when the bomb drops that Regina isn't who she says she is, there's an outcry in the village of Camelot that almost leads to Robin dying.

I.E. when the whole "price" thing had to be paid by the demon that has entered their world. By Emma saving Robin, this whole thing happened and if they didn't stop it, Robin would have been lost forever. They do eventually stop it, but I don't believe that's the threat Emma was warning them about. That something much worse is coming the the lovely town of Storybrooke. Can't this poor town just have one day of rest?