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Scorpion "Fish Fillet" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Man, prison really does change a person, even if you aren't in it for real as proven by Sylvester who had to go in undercover to get documents to save the lives of three judges. Even though he was protesting the whole way there, it was oddly enough the kind of shove he needed to do something even more brave. 

I felt bad instantly for Sylvester having to go into prison. Him going into prison would probably be like me going into prison. I wouldn't last probably 10 minutes, if even, in there, so I know how he felt. What made matters worse, is that the only person who knew he wasn't in there for real, ended up being left in comatose because someone found out that he was trying to stop whatever was going on in the inside.

Even then, the worse doesn't stop there. Everything seemed like it could still go off without a hitch, until Sly had to get put in the infirmary to find some clues. That meant, mouthing off to the big bad in the house. Seemed like it was a good plan, but no one realized that him doing that, also meant Sly would lose his one talking device in the process. So Sly, all alone in prison has to survive the night without getting killed.

Enter big crazy scheme that you are just going "Really?", but that's what Scorpion has started to be known for. Those out of the box theories that you don't think will work, actually end up working. Maybe it's because I'm not a genius so I have no clue what goes into the actual plan, I just know that when it is done, it has worked. Their big plan to get Sly out is to in fact, kill him. Not really, just make it look like he is long enough to get him to the morgue to break him out of jail since their only contact is gone for now. Of course, they did have a little help from Ray, Walter's community service buddy who might actually be in turn, help for Walter. Paige is trying to get Walter to hang out with normal people and it looks like Walter takes her plan into action. I wonder if it'll work?

That's when we realize that prison really did change Sly. Instead of being the scared guy he was when he first went in, he didn't want to leave the job unfinished and was determined to save the judges, which he did just that and because of all this, it gave him the courage to tell Megan that he really loves her! At first, his way of telling her was kind of silly, but I think that's just how Sly operates. I wonder what Walter will think of their relationship getting so close? Oh well, I'm just glad one relationship is finally working out, since the others seem to be on pause right now.