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Scorpion "Robots" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's ok to not be robots. That was the main theme in tonight's episode. But I think it was the theme Walter needed to sort of, kind of, almost admit that he has feelings. Sure, he didn't completely come up and say "You guys are right, I do have feelings and it's ok to feel them", but thanks to the case they had, I think it actually started to help him see the light of day and perhaps rethink one of his worst decisions he's made yet.

Yep, I'm talking about Waige and I think he was too. Even though they were interrupted by Ralph before they could finish their conversation, I'm pretty sure Walter was about to suggest that they rethink their relationship. To try it out and see where it goes. 

Melanie has decided to step away from Scorpion for a little bit. Which is understandable since the last time she ran a mission with them, she almost had Sylvester killed in the process and no one was thrilled about that. So, introducing Katherine. Who at first, seemed like a by the book, not totally likable character, but that is until I got to know her. She wasn't expecting her first day on desk duty to be out in the field doing something as crazy as saving a whole bunch of people on a sub that's about to lose air supply after they were attacked when Walter was trying to tell them that what he was checking out for them was wrong in the first place, but did they listen? No, it's against protocol. By the end, I was actually liking her and I think she might be a good fit for the team. 

So yep, Walter, Happy and Gallo are the only ones that are allowed on this trip. Everything is so highly classified, but thanks to Toby, everybody learned what was going on since he can read people like a book. Seriously, I sometimes would love to have a Toby around. That'd be nice. Even when they get to their destination, that still doesn't stop Sylvester and Toby from listening in. Which was a good thing, since they sort of heard what had happened and were able to get the big dudes in the office to notice what was going on.

Paige was right, Ray has been good for Walter. Even if Walter doesn't want to admit it, but still, he adds something different to the show that's just fun. Happy's dad is back and it was nice to see him being their for his daughter. I think this might have been good for their relationship and maybe for Toby's too. Because he got some inside info to perhaps be able to win Happy back. 

Just when I thought this show wasn't gonna get anymore exciting, they do and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us this season.