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Scorpion "Super Fun Guys" Episode Review

Super Fun Guys! Yep, Sylvester's favorite comic book is getting made into a movie. But that's not all, the team has to go undercover on location of the set to find and save a missile before it lands in the wrong hands. Sounds simple enough right?

Wrong! It goes wrong way fast, but it couldn't be too easy. What else would they do for an hour? It'd be pretty boring. The minute Happy said "Wow, that was an easy case", I knew something bad was gonna happen. Nothing is never that easy for them and right when the bad guy walked in (the guy who just so happened to walk by when they were "filming"), I knew something was gonna change and their easy case became anything but.

I felt totally bummed that Sylvester couldn't go on the trip with them. That was a very mature decision he made though. To stay behind and be there for the woman he loves when she gets out of a possibly bad surgery. Sylvester was still their eyes and ears of the case, but still, him actually being there would have been 100% better. Could you just imagine Sylvester there? Especially once the team walked onto the actual movies set? Man, it would have just been awesome to see. 

But because of Megan, he couldn't go. I'm not mad at her at all for asking him to come the next day. She didn't even know that this case had come up. That it was a case that he was so longing to be apart of. But he knew this surgery scared the daylights out of Megan and he knew that feeling of being scared all too well. But not to tell Walter or anybody? Ok, I guess I can kind of see her not wanting to tell Walter. He probably would have told her not to go through with it, but still. What does Sylvester do if something goes bad? Tell Walter later on and then have him blow up and say "Why didn't you tell me at the beginning?!". 

Cause let's face it, Walter does not do well when he gets angry, but he at least is finally starting to tune into his other feelings. The old Walter wouldn't have thought to have brought Sylvester a costume of the trip, since he knew how important it was to him. Nor would he have realized that Sylvester was going through something. Not only that, but there's some hope for Walter and Paige too!

However, it seems that the hope for Toby and Happy has been put on pause for right now. How long that will last, I have no clue because it is Toby after all. Sure, he's a therapist, but he doesn't do well being around Happy and completely ignoring her won't work. Though that is what she did to Toby for a while, so who knows. Maybe this is the push they need in order to get back together.

Oh Ray, what a nice touch of human they have added. Sure, we have Paige, but Ray just adds something different and fun. Even if the team is kind of annoyed by him, he's good for Walter. Even if Walter won't quite admit it, but Ray could be the reason why Walter is getting more in touch of his feelings and I couldn't be happier about that. A more human Walter would be nice to see.


  1. I actually love Ray. He has his own kind of genius, doesn't he?

    I liked Toby finally moving on. Happy's rejection was getting abusive; I get that was the only thing she felt she could do to get Toby to see that she just doesn't want to go there, but I didn't enjoy watching it.

    As for Walter's inability to show feelings: that always struck me as a wrong feature. Just because a person is smart doesn't mean he/she doesn't feel just as deeply as a "normal" person. Feelings aren't illogical; they play a huge part of a person's survival. Hurting helps a person avoid a certain situation. Happiness encourages expansion of life. Excitement is the reward for exploration and risk. Grief allows one to put a period at the end of a relationship. A smart person would get that.


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