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Scorpion "Tech, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll" Episode Review

I knew the minute Elliott was involved again, that something was bound to go wrong. I mean, haven't they learned their lesson with him yet? It seems like just about every other time they've worked with him, something goes horribly wrong and this time was no different. What was made worse, is that Walter felt the need to almost become Elliott in a way and even forget about his friends at one point.

But it could have had to do with the whole "oh this is your fault, Walter" thing that everybody kept saying to him, so he felt the need to prove everybody wrong and if that meant hurting people in the meantime, he didn't seem to care. Of course, Walter not totally caring isn't a news flash to anyone who's watched this show since day one, but he still has some feelings that he only shows towards his friends sometimes and I hardly even saw that and again I believe it was to show up Elliott. He wants to be like him, but that may not be a good thing.

Between Paige and Happy, there were plenty of romantic scenes in this episode. Though Toby has completely shut out Happy, which I don't believe is a good thing, it was pretty obvious she had feelings for him when she got so mad at Walter for "killing" Toby. I could see why Walter did what he did, it killed the fire, but it also killed his best friend and probably got on Happy's bad side, which I doubt is a friendly place to be. To top it all off, Walter didn't even go to Toby's side to see if he was ok. He was more worried about the building and trying to fix what he could have probably started. Then there was Paige. Who's gotta keep her emotions in check there. Of course, the only one that noticed what was going on with her was Gallo, but I have a feeling if Toby was there, he would have picked up on something fishy with her too. She was mad that Walter had possibly spent the night with a girl. I have a feeling that if Walter had spent the night with someone for the first time, she wanted to be the one. If it wasn't for Gallo in some of those scenes, I wonder if they would have even gotten to the bottom of this possibly being Walter's fault.

But the minute they started to blame Walter a lot, I knew something was up. Well, I kind of knew in the beginning. A girl, who seemed kind of uninterested in Walter, still wound up bringing him to a hotel room? There's got to be more to it then that. Especially since they were saying Walter was partying. Yes, I know Walter is changing and is showing a more human side (i.e. the beginning scene crossing the highway - he was having fun!), but the Walter I know, wouldn't do such a thing if he didn't have a little "help" and by help I mean drugs. 

Sure, it took a long time for them to realize that it wasn't Walter's fault, that he indeed was drugged, I kind of knew before they did on who did it. I just didn't totally know why someone would do this. It was supposed just be a little revenge which turned into a full blown rescue mission. Remember the guy that just so happened to leave the building right before this all happened? Yep, he's the bad guy! The minute they mentioned him again, I found it odd that he just so happened to leave right before all of this happened. He was the one who set the girl up at the bar and Walter was indeed drugged. 

It was awesome seeing the team have to figure out how the other person would work in the situation they were stuck in. Since none of them were with the person that could probably get out of that situation. Sylvester had to be the best. I love it when he gets his chance to shine. He may be the most scared out of all of them, but thanks to Toby, he was able to keep his cool with the kids for the most part. He did an amazing job, too. And because of all that, we saw the Walter that I know. He was more worried about losing Sylvester who was literally hanging off of the building then what anybody thought of him. He didn't care what he'd have to do as long as his friend made it out ok.

I was probably just as relieved as the people trapped inside when the doors finally flew open and Gallo got the true bad guy. Elliott forgiving Walter and telling him that he wants to try this building again. Are you crazy? But in a way, he was right. Even if you fail once, that doesn't mean you will fail again. Learn from it and move on. Which is what Walter took to heart when he went out partying again with Ray.