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Supergirl "Pilot" Episode Review

When I first learned that CBS was making a super hero show, I found that a bit odd. Normally it's the CW or ABC that takes on those kind of things and so I was even a bit hesitant at even watching it. Then I saw a commercial for it and I thought "well, that looks like it might be pretty good" and after watching the first episode, I'm glad I didn't steer away from it like I was originally going to.

First thing that made it good is that they didn't go too much into detail about the background of Kara. That's where I feel like some reboots of Superman have gone wrong. Not that that's a bad thing, but sometimes too much of a background is just that, too much. I felt like they had just the right amount for the pilot episode. I'm sure we will get more here and there just because if they go by any of the Superman TV series, that's kind of how they went. 

Second thing that I loved is that they seemed to pay homage to the past TV series of Superman. Having the lady who played Laura in "Smallville" be Kara's adoptive mom and Dean Cain as her father was just an awesome touch for a Superman fan (like myself). Right then and there, I was hooked. Not to mention that awesome save for her first time getting into it.

The minute I met Jimmy, I'm sorry, James (so not used to calling him that), I liked him instantly. The fact that they've kept it like he's already worked well with Superman and all that was an awesome touch. Though he didn't come right out and say that he knew who Kara was at the beginning, he dropped subtle hints that made you wonder and then he actually did tell her that he knew who she was and that Clark had sent him there to watch over, sort to speak, Kara. But I have a feeling the minute James met Kara, that whole plan turned. I immediately felt a romantic connection between the two and I am already shipping James and Kara. I wonder what their couple name would be?

Wynn made me automatically think of Pete Ross (Clark's side kick back in Smallville), though I wonder if it hinted tonight towards a possible love triangle in the future. Since he wasn't afraid to admit that he has feelings for Kara. 

Now there are the whole things with the aliens that this origination that Kara's adoptive sister just so happens to work for, has started to blame Kara for them coming out of the woodwork sort to speak. Though she proved them wrong at the end that she perhaps can defeat them, I think they need to remember what the guys' last words were "You think I'm the threat? Something much bigger is coming". That something just so happens to be Kara's real Aunt who's in charge of this whole thing. No surprise there. Guess it just runs in the family since Zod was somehow related to Superman as well (correct me if I'm wrong, been a while since I've watched Smallville). 

I was going in with hardly any expectations at all and CBS somehow seemed to soar right past them and made me hooked. Now if they keep this up on this series, I'll be watching it until it ends. Well done CBS for getting a girl to be a hero.