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NCIS "16 Years" Episode Review

Normally, I don't like to be harsh in a review, but there is seriously nothing good to say about this episode. I thought it was going to be a fun Ducky filled episode and that whole Sherlock thing was just a bit silly. Ducky episodes are usually more exciting then this one. 

Ok, I get the whole "Don't say a certain thing" at work thing, I understand that actually. Because it happened at my old job. The minute you said "Oh, it's a slow day", it got crazy busy. So, that part was actually fun for me. Because I've been there and trying to tell someone new something like that, Ellie reacted the way a normal person would have. Going really? You guys believe in that stuff? Totally how someone reacted when I tried to tell them not to say stuff like that.

I think maybe they are trying to change Ellie a bit? I still don't like it, though. That and how they've changed Tony. They've made him a little silly and he used to not be like that at all. He proved that when he went to the LA version. He was back to himself there and I've missed that a lot. I guess I didn't realize how they were trying to "change things" until this episode. Everything was just a bit off.

I felt bad for Abby, though. Here thinking she made a horrible mistake about sending the wrong guy to jail. It was somewhat refreshing to know the guy wasn't mad. That she tried to fix her mistake and got him out of jail. Still, Abby doesn't make mistakes so why do something like that to her? 

Yeah, pretty much all to say about this episode. Let's hope that next weeks episode will be better. I'm thinking this show may have to end soon. I think they are running out of things when they go back to so many cold cases. Better to end on a high note then end when no one else watches anymore.