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NCIS "Blood Brothers" Episode Review

Like most people, I think we were wondering if this was gonna be Ellie's last episode. But it wasn't. I'm not totally sure how I feel about that, either. She's not the best, but I almost lost interest in the case because they focused on her so much. 

Not that I wasn't interested in the case itself either. Not the norm and I don't totally like that. A little change and relief somewhat, even if the case was just dull. Trying to find a lost brother to make something happy for a dying family member? Ok, it was nice, but too many of these not all that exciting cases lately. Not a good thing.

The only bright spot of the episode, was Fornell coming back! Haven't seen him in a long time. Something changes on the show when he comes. Watching him and Gibbs play off of each other the way they do is just awesome. They really need to add him back more to the show. 

Ellie's family was, interesting. I liked her brother though. He seemed really nice and was the only person to get something out of her. In a way, I can see where Ellie is coming from. She's wanting to shut people out until she figures out what to do with her life. If she wants to fix her marriage or just give up on it. I'm not sure if she even decided at the end of the episode, but I'm with everybody else, Jake is gonna have hard time gaining peoples trust back, that's for sure.

Yeah, not really much else to say about the episode. It was nice to see Gibbs' father side come out again. You don't see that too often. That's one thing I've never grown old of. The fact that Gibbs felt the need to drive all the way to wherever Ellie lives because he didn't want to loose someone else on his team, was just so him. Though, I think that if Ellie did leave, it would do some damage to Gibbs. He already admitted he thought that the reason why the other two girls left were his fault as well. Could you just imagine what would happen to him if Ellie decided to leave? No, I can't even begin to think of what he would do.