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NCIS "Day In Court" Episode Review

Is Ellie really gone? Though she may not be a fan favorite and I may not like her too much myself, but I'm wondering, is she really gone? Surely NCIS wouldn't just drop a bomb on us like that without some warning. Maybe they wanted to keep this story under wraps to be a surprise, like killing Vance's wife a couple seasons ago. However, that may not be the case. Even if it clearly looked like Ellie had given Gibbs the "Here's my resignation speech" at the end.

Sure most of the episode was used up by Ellie and Jake and not that it bugged me too much, but sometimes it gets to be too much. Though I wasn't totally enjoying the case itself, either. Whatever happened to having good friends and a good wife stand by you no matter what the evidence in a murder case may be like? Even if you know yourself that you are not the murderer? I was a bit annoyed by that, but now that I think about it, I guess it just proves that you don't know who your friends are until something like that happens. I guess their marriage wasn't totally concrete like the guy was thinking it was. Ellie could relate to that now.

Jake has always seem like someone who would do no wrong. He's a lawyer, a nerd. But I guess that just proves that everybody can surprise you. Even someone who may look like they won't, can fool you. All those secret "missions" he was doing? A big fat lie! Well, I'm not sure if all of them were, but I think most of them were. Ellie is sweet and just because you don't work at the same job anymore, doesn't mean you can call it quits on your marriage, but that's all they were used to. Being at the same job, having the same things to talk about. You don't always have to talk about work. There are more things to talk about, but maybe that was one of the problems they already had and no one wanted to bring it up.

Now look, I'm also making my whole review about them instead of talking about the episode itself. Sorry guys, but this is sometimes how it goes. I may not approve of them, but still, when something like this happens, I have a lot to say on the matter.

One of the things I haven't seen on this show in a long time, I saw tonight. Them standing up to someone and not letting anybody past to see someone they work with and care about. Jake had some nerve coming to NCIS to talk to his wife. For a second there, I thought we were gonna get a showdown with Gibbs and Jake in the elevator with the classic "turn the elevator off" thing. But we didn't and I was actually a bit surprised to see that. In a way, I was almost hoping for it.

In the end, even if the whole thing with Ellie doesn't work out, the case for Kyle did and I was right! It ended up being the councilman at the beginning! I don't know when I put two and two together, but towards the end, I was like "I bet it's him". Maybe because no one else tied to the case and I'm not even quite sure how or why he did it, but he did do it.

There is a good moral to this episode. You may think you know someone, then they can surprise you. I've been down that road before. Trust me, it's not fun, so I totally know how these people may feel. Well, maybe not quite like in Ellie's case, but still, it's a shock when something like this happens.


  1. I thought you made a pretty good point in your review. All in all, I thought the case was pretty lame, and when the Navy guy flat-out lied to Gibbs, I was ready to see him hauled away in irons and chains -- whether he was innocent or not. He basically came across as an idiot.

    So, in comparison, even a Bishop family squabble was welcome. Personally, though, I couldn't see Jake cheating on someone who's so bright and absolutely adorable. And what's doubly-amusing when it comes to the Bishop-bashers is how many cases she provides the one vital clue that solves it. She did it just a few weeks ago in "Double Trouble", I think it was.

    You also made a good point about friends and loved ones. They're supposed to stick by you through thick and thin, yet it seemed that everyone around him totally flaked out.

    The one real anomaly was his pregnant wife. She was supposed to deliver "next month", according to McGee. The thing is, she didn't look a day over six months preggers, so minus-1 for the props department.

    By the way, you might enjoy some of my own NCIS posts. Lotsa fun video clips mixed in, and a full-length episode at the end of each post. I even have the 2-part JAG pilot, which is quite interesting on a number of levels.

    Looking forward to next week's review,


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