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NCIS: New Orleans "Billy and The Kid" Episode Review

Even though it was a cold case, they still somehow made it exciting. Watching the first time Chris and Pride met and worked together was interesting. Even though I first thought it was gonna be a sad episode, since it was during Katrina on their now awesome little town, but it turned out to be completely different. From the shows I've watched lately, I was happy that it actually ended on a good note for once.

Like I said in another review, it seems like most shows lately, end on a sad note, so for both of their cases to tie up in a neat little bow at the end, was just something a Thanksgiving episode needed this week. Not only did it finally solve their first case together, it solved their current one as a result. 

In the beginning, I was wondering why we were focusing so much of the time in the past, then it dawned on me when they came to the present time. The only thing that this episode lacked, is that it seemed to not have a whole lot of Brodie in it. When your favorite character is missing, you tend to notice stuff like that.

Chris was not a nice guy in the beginning. Sometimes I still see that sneak through, even if other characters don't, but man, I'm glad that they changed him. Not sure if I would have liked him that way at all. I wonder how he changed. Makes me curious. Or maybe just that case and with Pride's help that day is what made him change. But it was cool to see when they first met.

It was all for missing money that was stolen a long time ago. The guy just got out of jail and wants revenge and knows who has the money. The thing is, is that the wife never looked in those boxes again, so she had no clue that she had all that money. But the bad guy didn't care. Which made the way for Chris to save the day and patch the relationship with Billy and her daughter.

Their Thanksgiving celebration was awesome! Would have so loved to have been there. It looked so happy and fun. I love that how this show is NCIS, but they are all so different and really reflect on where they live.