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NCIS: New Orleans "Confluence" Episode Review

Protecting a key witness goes wrong when the witness decides to escape. I still don't understand why he escaped when he wanted to protect his wife so badly and all that. If he wanted to do that, why not just stay and testify and then be done with that? If he did, he would probably still be alive. But then again, there'd be no story for the hour of show they have to fill.

With that happening, Pride automatically blames himself for getting the witness killed. Yes, I can see why that could probably be his fault and maybe it's a cop thing, but seeing Pride act this way, totally reminded me of something Gibbs would do too. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks that, but oh well. I can see the similarities between Gibbs and Pride, but not so much so where they are the same person. Which is a good thing.

Their key witness ends up dying and now they have to prove that the guy going to jail did it to still get him sent to jail. If not, more people will be in trouble. So, to do this, Pride has to go get another witness, someone who hates his guts, to try to get him to testify. It goes a bit rocky, though, when someone after Pride decides to seek revenge at that moment.

Like really? You wait the whole season and do something now when they are transferring a prisoner? You could have done it many different ways and you choose now? Well, it didn't work out well, since Zed, the guy after Pride, ends up in the hospital. Or is he really the one in charge? Maybe, maybe not. I do like that they are starting out with a story line, though. Even if we don't see it very often. Makes the show more exciting.

Pride had more in mind when he asked Sonja to go on this road trip with him. Played it off as a bonding experience, but nope, just a quiet time to ask Sonja why she's been watching someone the FBI has been watching. Which makes her finally ask what she's been wanting to ask. To go undercover to help her friend out. Sonja does well undercover, so I can't wait to see that storyline.