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NCIS "Saviors" Episode Review

Jeanne, really? I loved how everybody seemed to have the same reaction when they realized she was back and I'm sure it started to get on Tony's nerves. It didn't get on mine. It just added to the funny part of the episode. Which it needed since it started to get a bit heavy towards the end.

Compared to last weeks episode, this weeks was a bit better. Though I almost feel like they are trying to bring back the awkwardness for Tony by replacing Ziva with other people. You'll never replace Ziva or that tension they had between them. Aside from that, I did like that Jeanne was back. It was more of a closure episode for him and for her, since they left on such rocky terms.

Ok, I'm not sure who else or if there is anybody else that was bummed when we found out that Jeanne was married. I'm not sure if they could have gotten back together because of all the stuff that they went through the first time around, but it would have been fun to see them try. Since I don't think Tony has a girlfriend anymore. No one ever mentions Zoey.

Their case was a pretty tragic one, if you ask me. A group of bad guys attacked this hospital in the middle of nowhere just so they could capture two doctors to patch up their general. One of those doctors being Jeanne's husband. Which I'm glad he did live. It would have been bad enough to have had seen Tony and to let her husband die all in the same day.

Man, Gibbs' doc is gonna have his hands full. After that episode Gibbs had, he was put on desk duty. Gibbs on desk duty does not go over well. Especially when there's a case to be dealt with. It all comes down to Gibbs' inner feelings. A lot has changed for him and his doc thinks it's time to talk it out. All that stuff can't be bottled up and for someone who hardly talks, Gibbs, is talking even less, if that's possible. So doc, you've taken on one of the greatest challenges in the history of this show. If you get him to open up, you truly are a genius.