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Scorpion "Arrival and Departures" Episode Review

Or as I like to call it, the saddest episode ever! Though they did well at trying to put in some jokes here and there to lighten the mood, but seriously, what's up with every show I watch lately, that someone you like ends up dying in the end? Either it's someone you've gotten to know and love, like Megan, or it's someone you just met that you wish had survived, even if it would have been a "well, that would have never happened in real life" kind of thing. Whatever happened to happy endings? It seems like this is the season of sadness. Or maybe they are just trying to be a little more realistic. Whatever the case may be, I'm kind of almost done watching stuff if this keeps to be a trend. But I probably won't stop watching, though. Just a little curious as to know why this seems to be happening more on shows I watch.

Ok, now that my rant is over, this truly was one of the best episodes. Even if it did end on a sad note. I was preparing myself for the worst, even if Walter wasn't. Who clearly wants to bury himself in work and not deal with what's going on at the present time. Genius or not, some people are just like that anyways. But his reaction at the end, was just like "Really Walter? That's it?". Maybe he just didn't know how to or what to say really during that moment. But in a way, it lightened the mood for a moment and made me laugh because I knew that that was just Walter.

The case however, not the best. I don't like these type of cases anyways. Where something natural like that can happen. It just creeps me out. Not totally sure if some of it was true, though, can mold spread that fast? I was a bit surprised, but I did love the fact that Sylvester got to be the hero again. Even if he refused to do it. But it got Walter's parents on his good side, I think.

Yep, Walter's parents have come to town! That was interesting to say the least. Now we get where Walter has a problem with father type figures and maybe perhaps why he doesn't show affection for anyone else. It seems to me that Walter was trying to show his dad that he was doing something good, but his dad just didn't care about all that "science fiction" as he called it. I am glad that he was able to see his son in action and save the day and that will hopefully change their relationship forever.

The one good thing that came out of this episode, was the fact that the people we wanted to be together, were actually together. It's ok if they are split up sometimes, but in this episode, I think we (or at least I) needed that. Megan and Sylvester were together. Walter and Paige were trapped in the fan room. Happy and Toby were trapped in what looked like a cafeteria. No moments, which was slightly disappointing, but with all the excitement going on, I wasn't looking for those really.

Love it how Megan's room reflected Sylvester. Maybe almost a little too much, but in a way, that just showed Walter's parents what kind of guy their daughter had married. Sylvester's love for Megan till the very end was the sweetest thing ever. That moment they had at the last time was so sweet. Him creating something so she could see "stars" again and saying that falling in love with her was the smartest thing he had ever done, just made my heart melt! 

Throughout all this, I was having a dreading thought. Thinking that Walter wasn't gonna make it to the last second to see his sister before she past. Thank goodness he made it! I don't know how he would have reacted if he hadn't had seen her before that last moment. Even if she couldn't say what she wanted to. The fact that they were all there was just something that made that moment special. Then Walter wanting to just go about like nothing happened. Again, so him, but sometimes it can be frustrating. That video came at a perfect time. I think it helped him realize that even if she's gone, they can still remember her at her best, not at her worst. I was half expecting him to break down and cry by himself, but that didn't happen. I'm not sure if it ever will, but I think the show will be completely changed from this episode forward.