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Scorpion "Crazy Train" Episode Review

Even though it felt a lot like Speed, but on a train, it still felt like it was Scorpion. Such an amazing, intense episode and this season has yet to disappoint me. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised that no one made a comment referring to Speed at all. With all the movie references they have done already, this would have been the perfect place to do something like that and no doubt it would have come out of Toby's mouth to lighten the mood. But in a way, I'm kind of glad they didn't do that. Then it might have seem too over the top.

With hardly seeing Ralph at all in this season, it was awesome to see him most of the episode and be like a younger version of Walter. Someone who doesn't quite fit in well with his friends, but after this episode, I'm sure he won't have a problem with that anymore. It was nice to see him and Paige work together. I always love the Walter/Ralph scenes too. That's one of the few times Walter really connects with someone. 

Someone is willing to kill a bunch of people on a train just to steal some gold coins? Sounds a little farfetched there, but this is Scorpion after all. Some of the stunts they did in this episode, I didn't think they would pull it off, but they did anyways. Of course, I'm no genius, so if they say it works, then it should work.

But that puts Walter in danger. Ok, even more in danger then they already have been since he decides to go on a suicide mission and completely scares Paige! I'm surprised she slapped him. Well, I guess I shouldn't be. Maybe that's the wake up call Walter needed.

Oh Happy, who would have thought you'd do something so unlike yourself since you and Toby refuse to be together? She wasn't doing what anybody thought she was doing at all. In fact, for someone who's so not funny (though those jokes were pretty funny if you ask me), she tried to be a stand up comedian! Which totally made Toby happy. What a relieve it was to him to know that she wasn't dating someone, but trying to replace the thrill of their relationship with something she wouldn't normally do at all. Sylvester in that scene was the best part, though. But Toby had a really mature response to all of this and I'm surprised to say that. Ok, that sounds harsh, but when it comes to Happy, he hasn't been too mature on things. He has decided to let nature take its course and if they are meant to be together, then he wants it to happen naturally.

Ray may be the one who makes Walter see his pushing away friends/relationships more so then Paige ever will. It's nice to know that Ray has a background like this. That it was finally explained and that he's the one who ended up telling Walter in the first place. Walter took it to heart, and almost had a moment, if it wasn't for Gallo, with Paige! 

In the end, this episode was way more about a runaway train. But more about relationship building. Nice to see Walter hang out with Ray who I think their relationship has gotten even deeper because of Ray finally opening up about his past. Toby realizing that he can't force love with Happy. And Ralph actually getting a friend out of all this. I like how this season is developing so far and I can't wait to see more!