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Scorpion "US Vs. UN Vs. UK" Episode Review

From the minute the episode started, it totally had a Ocean's Eleven type vibe to me. Which oddly enough fit a team of genius'. I had fun from beginning to end, even though I was pretty frustrated with Walter in the beginning. How he acted and pulled through on their case, was pretty amazing, though, which made me forget how infuriating he was being with his sister. Even though I came pretty close to not liking him anymore. Don't worry, that didn't happen.

I feel like Walter basically has the wool over his eyes when it comes to his sister's condition. He does know what is going on, but I think he thinks he can fix it no matter what. Paige really did try to make him realize that not everything has a solution. No matter how hard you try. Going against your sister's choices might result her being mad at you for the rest of her life. I'm still really hoping for a miracle for them, but at this point, I'm preparing myself for the worst, as should Walter, but he isn't. 

Sylvester made one brave move, though. To stand up to his best friend, must have been tough for him, but that's how much Sylvester has changed over the two seasons. How brave he's gotten and he'll do anything to make Megan comfortable even if she won't be with them forever. I had no clue why Ray would have gotten involved, but it would be so like Ray to be someone who would become someone who could do a wedding ceremony over the Internet. Yep, Sylvester made it so Walter was no longer in charge of his sisters choices by marrying her! I assumed that wedding bells were in their future, but not like this. It was still totally sweet and I'm sure they both thought about it for a while before making that decision. 

But back to the case that had me completely confused until the very end. Like I said, though, it did have that Ocean's Eleven type vibe and so it had to be one of those ones that you didn't quite know what was going on until they explained it all the way through. Some things didn't add up, though, so when they explained it a little more, I totally understood why. I knew Paige excusing herself to have to use the restroom must have been something. Paige doesn't normally do that. Ok, the team doesn't normally agree to kill someone, either. No matter how bad of a person they are. That's just not them.

Nope, it was all part of the plan. Paige made it so it looked like Ian died. Only to fool everybody and get the true guy in jail. But little did the audience know, that Olivia was also bad! Didn't see that coming, but that's what Walter found out when he said "Oh, we can't get into the door the way we thought we would". 

I really am liking Katherine. She knew her team well enough, even though she hasn't worked with them too long, to know that they wouldn't go off and agree to kill someone. Even if they were threatened to go to jail. So, she disarmed Olivia. Not even knowing that she truly was bad all this time. 

Ray really has become part of Team Scorpion. Whether Team Scorpion wants to admit it or not. He's come in handy on more then one occasion. I'm sure Sylvester was grateful for him and Toby even used him this time. It's just cute how they've made him part of the family. Even if he is an annoying guy to them. To me, he's fun and adds something different to the show.

Even though working with MI6 wasn't an easy and shut case like they were hoping for, it was still probably one of the best episodes yet this season. Really shows how far this team has come in working as a team and showing each others strengths. Even if Walter rudely shut out Sylvester. Though I wonder if Sylvester would have even worked on the case to begin with. Still, I love the progress as a team and as individuals they've had and can't wait to watch more.