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Supergirl "Fight or Flight" Episode Review

Reactron, a.k.a. the new villain of the week. Is this gonna become a thing? It wouldn't be the first time a Superman type show did this. Have an alien/or crazy human being villain each week. Smallville did it for the first two or three seasons until they really got into the origin of Superman. I wouldn't mind if this show did the same, but as long as the bad guys don't go too out there, I'll be fine. 

Uh oh, rocky waters ahead already for James and Kara who almost had the nerve to ask him out! Enter Lucy Lane, the bomb that dropped that stopped Kara from making a move on the guy who has made her smile like no other, well according to her sister. We may not get Clark or Lois right away (or at all, but it would be pretty awesome, hint hint), but if they throw these kind of characters our way once in a while, I'll be a happy camper.

Not only is Lucy there making it hard for Kara to make a move, but Wynn is also trying to step up his game to impress his best friend into making her realize that he wants more in their relationship. I don't see that going anywhere, but it makes for fun awkward moments between him and James. Like when Wynn showed Kara the new meeting room and talking all that stuff and James was trying to pull it off like he knew he what he was talking about, classic! Not to mention the big bomb dropped "Clark is Superman"! "Wait, Clark Kent is Superman"? Wynn's reaction was just hilarious and he like couldn't put two and two together. 

I'm hoping the same will be for if someone else finds out about Supergirl/Kara. And by someone else I mean, Miss Grant. If Kara isn't careful, she could reveal her own identity without even knowing. Trying to tell your boss that she was being too harsh in an interview is one thing, but downright defending Supergirl is another. Be care girl or else someone may find out that shouldn't know about the secret. 

With the whole world looking to her to stand up for herself, she doesn't want any saving from a certain someone. So, when James blew the whistle that his cousin was in trouble, she was none to pleased that she learned it was James who spilled the beans. Things aren't going too well for you buddy. Not only do you have an exgirlfriend coming into the situation, now you make it that Supergirl needs a guy to save her from a tough situation. Now she's more determined then ever to prove people wrong that she can be the hero and doesn't need anyones help. But girl, it's ok to ask for help once in a while. I just don't want you to get in over your head before it's too late to ask for help.

So, is the DEO director good or bad? Which one is it?! Now red eyes don't necessarily mean evil because I feel like when that happens, we see a human type side of him. One that is willing to help. Unless, he doesn't know what's inside of him yet and it takes over without him realizing it and the eyes going on and off is like the turning on and off switch type thing? Ok, a bit out there, but with aliens, it wouldn't be surprising.

It looks like Miss Grant has a thing for Mr. Lord. The guy that got kidnapped by Reactron. Or maybe that was just innocent flirting. Speaking of flirting, if James doesn't know that Kara was flirting with him, then maybe he's blind. Or maybe he did notice and doesn't want to say anything yet. But seriously, even I can tell there's something between you two. However, if it's anything like Clark and Lois, they won't get together until the very end. And I can wait that long, I think.