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Supergirl "Stronger Together" Episode Review

Man, just two episodes in and they've already thrown a twist in there? That must be some sort of record! Well, it is for the shows I watch. But whether it's a good twist or a bad twist, we don't know yet. All we know, all isn't as it seems with Alex's boss at the DEO. I just hope they aren't rushing into things. Sometimes a twist this early is a good thing, other times it's a bad thing. I'm just hoping it's the first one for this show. 

After the city telling Supergirl that she either needs to stop what she's doing or slow down, she's determined to prove them wrong. Enter in her two friends and I think this might be more trouble for her personally then physically. Let's face it, there's definite sparks between her and James and either Wynn is just defensive because she told someone else and now he can't be the only one in on it or he has feelings for her too and this could just get messy between the three of them. Hey, they've already had some awkward encounters. Not with Kara, just by themselves. 

But three heads apparently are better then one because the work they are doing together, is helping. It's turning Kara's reputation into something good again. Seriously, though, when are they going to stop comparing her to Superman? Yes, I know we are just only two episodes in, but sheesh, I think enough is enough already. I don't mind how James does it. He tries to help her out by saying "Oh, Superman made plenty of mistakes when he first started", but still. The other people are just getting on my nerves. Maybe I'm the only one who thought that and that's ok, but yeah whatever. 

Anyways, on top of Kara having to figure out how to do an interview with Miss Grant, she is also having to do deal with the DEO who have some strange alien thing on the lose. Who also happens to kidnap Alex. Which just makes it worse when Kara finds out. I am glad that they didn't wait too long for a niece/aunt reunion. Now that they know who's behind this, I'm sure more answers will be coming on if her aunt truly is good (which I doubt it) or vice versa. 

Then that big reveal on Alex's boss. Like I said, I'm not sure if he's bad or good. He could be some guardian out there trying to protect Kara. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Clark had that in the beginning when he moved to the big city. But I'm not entirely sure. And just when I started to like him, too. He's pretty mysterious, even for an alien. Sounds like he has a sad past which could mean why he is doing what he's doing today. That's normally how stuff like that works.