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Vampire Diaries "Best Served Cold" Episode Review

If they do this more often, I would be happier with the time jumps. They at least answered two questions about the time jump this time that made it more sense instead of it either being creepy or me wondering "What in the world is going on?!".

First question answered, how Alaric winds up with twins. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the twins have lived on. Since this show is kind of known for not letting someone die for too long. They eventually come back somehow. It does make sense why they would do what they did, though. So yes, thanks to Valerie watching the wedding video, she figured out that the chant that the Gemini witches were doing, was just to transfer the babies into someone else and you'll never guess who it was, since the person isn't really a living being anymore.

Caroline! Caroline now has the twins in her, which may explain why her and Alaric end up getting married in the future! Yep, that's who Caroline is going to marry in the time jump! That was a bit of a shock, but once you find out that it probably has to do with the babies, then it oddly enough makes sense. Candice (Caroline) is pregnant in real life and I do love how they fit it into the story. She won't go away and she won't be sitting at a desk for the rest of the season, either. Nice work in adding that in there!

Mommy dearest is throwing a party to introduce to the world, the love of her life and this seasons soon to be baddy, Julian. Well, this just got awkward fast with Damon and Stefan meeting the guy of Lilly's dreams. Who soon they find out is a lot like their real father. I guess Lilly has a certain type then. Julian can blame the ball for him turning into a monster all he wants, but Stefan and us viewers know the true story. That he's been a villain the whole time, he just now has an excuse to tell the love of his life what's going on. Not only is that happening, but Julian is trying to turn the family against her and make them like him.

For once, I finally saw something between Bonnie and Enzo which makes that couple a little less disturbing then when I first found out about it last week. They wind up being each others date and there was a moment between them, however brief it was. I saw it and it made me go "Huh, I think I may like this after all".

Now for the creep factor. Which it wouldn't be the Vampire Diaries without a little bit of that once in a while, huh? Someone in Lilly's family has been compelling people to "chill out" at the high school. Either it's one of her "children" or this is her way of keeping them all alive in a town that's dead and has no food source. It's been going on quite some time, though. They have a nice little classroom going. Bravo for making a high school at night even more creepy then it probably should. I didn't know what would jump out at Matt and Bonnie.

Like I said, I kind of wish they did the explaining of the time jump a little more. But maybe they shouldn't because it wouldn't be the thing I would look forward to each week. Still, I'm glad they decided to at least give us some answers even if we won't get them very often.