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Vampire Diaries "Live Through This" Episode Review

So far, I am not too thrilled about the flash forward glimpses we've been getting each episode. Mainly because we only get it for a second and we have no clue why it's even happening. Are they planning on jumping ahead three years somewhere in season 7 or are they just doing this just to do this? If I had to pick one I didn't like, it would be this one. It seems like Bonnie is in some sort of psych ward (again, not sure why) and that she lost the love of her life and it sounded like it was her fault. Now call me crazy, but I was thinking she was talking about Jeremy. But a minute later, we see Bonnie and Enzo kiss! Yep! I'm thinking that must have been the lost love she was talking about and that threw me through a loop like no other! How in the world do they get from hating each other to being passionately in love?

Well, I guess the same would be for Damon and Elena. Speaking of Damon, he's "turned over a new leaf". Yeah right. That won't last long and it doesn't when he realizes that someone much nastier is coming to life and that in fact that certain someone is in love with his mother. You don't know a crazy family until you've met the Salvatores. Sheesh!

No Matt this week. For the last two weeks, actually. Which is kind of a bummer. It's nice to have someone human in the bunch. Even if he might be mixed up in all this, it's just a breath of fresh air to have him on screen at least once in the episode. 

At first, I liked Stefan and Caroline together, but now I don't totally like them at all. They are friends, best friends and seeing them hook up is just a bit odd to me. Maybe it's the fact that I'll never see anyone else with Stefan even though he and Elena have long been over for quite some time now. I just don't think Caroline is the one. However, they did spoil that a couple episodes back. Caroline and Stefan don't end up being married to each other. In fact, she doesn't even want anything to do with Stefan for that matter.

I knew the minute Alaric wanted to bring Jo back to life with that odd ball thing, something bad was gonna happen and I think we are just at the beginning of it. They should really trust Bonnie by now. When she says somethings bad, it's probably bad and I think this is gonna be no exception. Since surprise, Jo isn't actually Jo! But who is she/he? It's clear that whoever is trapped in Oscar's body remembers who he is. But why doesn't Jo? Is that a bad thing or a good thing? With this show, I'm assuming it's gonna be bad.

Out of Lilly's odd family, I think Valerie is my favorite. This life was forced upon her and I think she had to learn to go with it. But hearing Stefan saying "I'll protect you from Julianne" totally reminded me of back when he was with Elena. He would protect her from anything. Sure, Stefan and Caroline are together for now, but I can see a moment or two happening between Stefan and Valerie. After all, she was his first love and they almost had a baby together. Julianne destroyed that from ever happening and I would never want to be on Stefan's bad side.