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Vampire Diaries "Mommie Dearest" Episode Review

Mom, we need to talk about how you have a terrible taste in men, is pretty much how the Salvatore's spent their Thanksgiving dinner. With this family, I pretty much knew we weren't gonna get the normal family dinner. This family is anything but normal.

First, let's take a walk down memory lane and fill you in on how your first husband really was. To their surprise, Lilly already knew that! Phew! Glad she wasn't completely blinded by love into thinking that her husband was all goody goody. However, how could someone just stand by and listen  while her son was tortured in the other room, is beyond me. She did have a plan up her sleeve, but her husband was always one step ahead of them.

Second, let's try and make you realize that Julian is the same way. Which took the whole episode until the very end when she had a deja vu moment and realized "Wait, my sons were right about this man!". Or like before, maybe she did know the whole time and is playing her sons into something much bigger? I hope not, but right now, I couldn't even begin to guess where this show is going. I've tried, believe me. It doesn't go too far.

Like the fact that I've tried to guess who's after them in the three years forward. I guess it could be their mother. Like Stefan really did end up killing Julian and now she's seeking revenge. But that theory was blown out of the water when she joined forces with her sons at the end wanting to take down the man that she finally realized was like her previous husband. However, she knew all along last time how her husband is, which makes me wonder if she is planning something bigger?

The whole thing that no one can figure out the babies thing with Caroline had me confused until the very end when Valerie thought of one critical part of the spell they left out. It dawned on me "Why didn't I think of that either?!". It was so simple yet something I just didn't think of. The babies were cloaked! So no matter how many tests they did, it would come up like she wasn't pregnant. Valerie fixed that and you know what? Caroline is pregnant! Thank goodness. Finally some good news for Alaric for once.

However, still not seeing them in love or getting married, for that matter. Then again, I didn't think anything of the whole Bonnie and Enzo thing until last week when I saw a spark form between them. I saw it again tonight too! More from Bonnie then from Enzo who's still hung up on Lilly. But it was there again and totally made me go "Huh, I think I might actually like them together now". It's nice how they are kind of easing into it. Maybe since I know that it might be end game for them, it'll make this part more enjoyable type thing.

So, Tyler and Jeremy still do exist, just via the phone. Matt is trying to figure out who's compelling people to stay in Mystic Falls. Not only the high school, but the Grill and Court House are housing these people whom they've let go. But who's doing it? Whoever is doing it, is keeping them mighty fed. Which gave Matt a gross thought. To fatten them up. But for what? But this whole thing made me realize, that we haven't seen Matt  in the flash forward time frame yet. Either they haven't gotten to him yet or something bad happens to him. I really hope nothing bad happens to him. I've grown to like Matt.

Having Damon's awesome one liners back is something I've realized that the show has missed. So, Damon was this truly the best Thanksgiving ever? I may have to disagree with that, but maybe it was for you, since it looks like you didn't have great ones in the past.