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NCIS: LA "Internal Affairs" Episode Review

Finally, an episode not about Sam! Ok, don't get me wrong, I don't totally mind those episodes, but it almost seemed like each week it was about Sam and it was starting to get a little boring. Focus on someone else for a change! And they did just that by focusing on my two favorite people! Deeks and Kensi!

So, I missed the actual episode where Deeks got arrested at the end, but it's nice to know that's all I missed. Nothing too terrible happened that I should have known about. Though the episode took quite a surprising turn at the end, it had me on the edge of my seat and I thought I had it figured out and I was completely wrong!

Well, of course most of the time when I try to figure out the show, I am wrong, but lately, it seemed to become an easy thing for me. Either the show/shows I watch become too predictable or the cases are way too easy. So glad this was the complete opposite and it left me with a stunned look on my face at the end.

The whole episode, I was thinking, "Surely, there's more to this case then them thinking Deeks killed someone. That something else is going on to fish someone else out.". But that wasn't the case at all. Well, it was sort of. Hetty did kind of do this to just make this all go away once and for all. Find the stash and get bad cops behind bars. But I wasn't ready for bomb they dropped at the end.

I guess I should have seen it coming. When Deeks is having to protect someone, he'll do anything to do it. Even if it means killing someone and him possibly being put in jail for the rest of his life if one of the bad people actually found that out. So yes, sadly, our Mr. Deeks ended up really killing Boyle. Sure Boyle was a jerk, but Deeks was just protecting Tiffany. Someone who was put in there as a set up and he was trying to keep her safe. 

Aw, Mrs. Deeks is just as hilarious as Deeks himself! Kensi was right, the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree in this case. They both make the same type of jokes and everything. She was awesome to see again.

So, Callen would be stereotyped as a serial killer and Sam would be considered the guy that would literally knock down your door if he came to it? I guess I can kind of see that. But sheesh the conversations these two have is just hilarious sometimes.  It was what we needed in such an intense episode. Callen however, is thinking of possibly calling things off with Joelle. It'd be nice to see her again. I forget that she's even still in the picture until they mention her once in a while. Hey, I'm just now remembering that Sam is actually married and has kids.