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NCIS: New Orleans "Blue Christmas" Episode Review

Christmas episodes have been very enjoyable this season for me. Maybe because I'm really in the Christmas mood (it is my favorite time of year) or maybe the episodes have decided to be more episodes and not do something cheesy and stupid, like sometimes they do. I really enjoyed this episode. 

This episode was probably one of my favorites so far. Not only did we see Loretta's kids again, but the case they had featured Danny. Yes, as a suspect. Poor kid, was just trying to protect his friend which in the end, ended up being a good thing what he was doing, since that scene at the very beginning was the very key in clearing him and his friend from the murder charge.

The minute Danny was named the suspect, I knew something else had to be going on. We haven't seen much of him, but I've seen enough of him to know that he's changed. Even in the beginning when we first met him, he so is nothing like his father. Something every guy seems to wonder at some point and even more so if they are bad. But Danny doesn't need to worry. He has a whole team backing him and trying to get to the bottom of who really did do it. Even if he doesn't believe that to be the case at all.

Along with Christmas, comes Secret Santa. This is actually the first episode I've watched that has done this. I don't totally miss those days of having to shop for someone. I didn't mind it, but it was hard to get something for someone you hardly knew. So I can understand the pressure when it came to Sonja on getting Pride. Getting anyone has serious pressure, but when it's the boss man, it's even worse. Especially since they seem to take that very seriously. What happened to the #2 rule, though? That you can tell no one who your Secret Santa was? So how in the world did Brodie know Sonja had gotten Pride and the way they talked about it, it was like no big deal that they knew. Just one little thing that bugged me in the episode. Well, that and we never did find out if Danny's friend made it.

Towards the end, everybody was calling out Danny's friend as being the murderer. Things didn't add up right, though. Why would Sophia be at the church? How would she know where that was even at? Unless it was a local hangout for people, but that's not what Danny described it as. That's when I started to realize, it was Sophia that put all this together and Danny's friend was just the fall guy. Someone easy to pin it on because she has a way of making everybody do what she wants.

Not in a good way, either. Well, not that there's a good way to do that, but she throws a fit if she doesn't get her way and resolves to violence to get it done. She played the break-ins off as a dare first and then they couldn't get out of it because of Danny's friend. But the twist was that they were actually afraid of her. She's the one that put this all together. She's the one that hated her new mother so badly that she resorted to killing her instead of dealing with the problem and going to someone for help. So, yeah, I saw the ending coming, but in a way, it was still a surprise to see it happen. I never get used to a high schooler or younger committing a crime. 

Did Sonja end up abandoning their Christmas exchange party? Nope, she just wanted to make a grand entrance to show off a surprising talent she has. That lady can sing! Instead of going all out for a gift to Pride, she figured the best one was one from the heart. For Pride, it probably was.