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Scorpion "Dam Breakthrough" Episode Review

Houston we've finally made contact with Walter! A blew up finally happened after Megan's death. Something I've been wondering when it'll happen. I knew eventually he'd have some sort of melt down, but he was making me and his team a little nervous there for a while during this episode.

There is a fine line between crazy and smart. I was so hoping that Walter wasn't gonna cross that line, but he was dangerously close to it. Muttering under his breath instead of talking things out with his friends. Ok, talking to a pet, not too bad. Sometimes that's the first step, but you are basically talking to yourself. Still, it was cute and yes Ferret Beller has made a reappearance and was perhaps the very key to Walter's acceptance.

I was so hoping that they wouldn't lose a pet. Especially after a death and someone who it looks like Walter has taken a liking too. But that was just the thing Walter needed in order to finally admit that he didn't want to lose his sister. Well that and after finding out that he finally won the money that he had been waiting for to help out his sister. That was just the tip of the ice berg that needed to crack for Walter to finally break down. 

It was hard to see it, though, I'll admit that. At first, I didn't totally realize that's why he was getting upset. Then I heard the very faint "I didn't want to lose her". He said her, not the ferret! Right then and there I knew what this was about. Plus, I think after this breakthrough was the first time that Walter called Sylvester Megan's husband! Sylvester surprisingly had a good mood about all this. But that could just be how he deals with things and sometimes that's for the better. Thinking about the happy stuff instead of making it sad.

Their Christmas episodes so far, have not disappointed me. They've been so thrilling and happy, that it's hard to believe this was a Christmas episode. Sometimes shows decide to go the slow cheesy kind of route when it comes to Christmas, but not this one. I'm not sure if any of those things could actually happen in real life, but hey I watch this show for enjoyment. Not wanting to learn how things work or if something could actually happen in real life. It is TV after all.

I have a new favorite scene now. I think it probably changes almost every week, but the scene where they are sucking in helium is the best! I wouldn't expect a team of genius' to do that, but they've grown so much more into human beings this season, that it's nice to still see that growth happening. Happy joining in was probably the best. I thought she was gonna put a stop to it, but she didn't! I almost wonder though if she was supposed to laugh during that scene? If she wasn't and they kept it in, it just added to the fun of that scene.

I'm so glad they have decided to include Ralph more! He was also able to help save the town by having them turn off their Christmas lights. Something Walter didn't totally understand. But he realized that there was some importance to them since he said Paige liked them. It was a sweet moment for them. Not only did they have a sweet moment, but Toby and Happy kissed! Let's hope it sticks this time. 

First, it was a bit creepy that Walter hadn't "found time" to dump Megan's ashes anywhere. It was a bit sweet, though, that he changed the urn to something that would be more her, since she hated black. But the way he reacted was just odd. Poor Toby had no clue how to deal with that. But I loved the send off they had for her. Instead of accepting the money, Walter decided to use the rocket to launch Megan's ashes into outer space! "She always loved the stars. Now she can be with them.".