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Scorpion "The Old College Try" Episode Review

After the last new episode, I'm glad that they went back to the light hearted, fun action packed episode. It's something that I certainly needed after all the sadness that shows seem to be on lately. This episode had so many amazing lines and moments that it's hard just to pick one.

You'd think I'd be used to Walter by now and "show no emotion" thing, but he still ceases to amaze me. Still nothing on the death of his sister. Even if Paige tried to bring it up several times throughout the episode, it only just brought the anger out of Walter. It's like seriously dude? Take a page from Ray for once and just get out of your troubles and live life.

Not all of Walter was bad, though. It was cute, even though Walter was probably living his own dream out on trying to save Ray from a lifetime of blaming himself for his friends death, that Walter actually wanted to help someone else out for a change since he realized that his friend was hurting. That could be the case or it could also be that Walter wanted to finish what he started with Megan by doing it with someone else. Whatever the case may be, it helped Ray and I'm really hoping through that that Walter can possibly see the light of day as well.

So, the gang have to go back to college! As Sylvester put it "That was the worst 6 months of his life". Yep, he was in college for 6 whole months! Man, wouldn't that be nice? I'm sure it was no picnic for him, though. If any indication of how he tried to pledge went, then I think we got a glimpse at how it probably would have been for him in real life.

The rest of the team wasn't doing too hot either. Toby was having to do a job interview for someone he hated because he claims that this guy stole his fiancé. Happy had to pledge in a sorority (wearing pink!). Walter had to be a drama teacher (yes, that had trouble written all over it) and Gallo got to be campus police.

I did feel somewhat bad for each member though when they were somehow told the truth one way or another of how they look at life. Toby was told by the jerk professor that he (Toby) was the reason his fiancé left him, which is probably more then likely true. Happy needs to drop her guard and let people in. Then there was Paige "Why can't you guys get along with people?".

Speaking of Paige, I really hope she takes Ray's advice and just goes for it with Walter. He is one of those guys that no matter how hard you try to get any emotion out of, especially on love, you sometimes have to help them do it. Sure, Paige has tried, but what I think Ray was trying to say, is that she needs to be the one that just gives the push that they need.

The best part of the episode, was probably at the end and one of the few moments where Walter doesn't completely annoy me. Don't get me wrong, though, he is my favorite character, but it's just frustrating when you see him start to show some emotion, then something stops him from doing it for a while (like the death of his sister, which he needs to let out, but I'm not totally sure if he knows how or what to do). I was thinking from the beginning that Walter being a drama teacher was bad. How can a guy who can't show emotion pull off being a drama teacher long enough to get a read on one of the kids? It doesn't go well like I predicted, until the end. Walter can do Shakespeare! Who knew? He blows it off as just acting, but I think that's what Walter does. He starts to show some emotion (hello, he was reading Romeo and Juliet to Paige and I mean, to Paige!) and just plays it off as acting, even though I'm with Paige and that was real emotion there buddy. Even if you don't wanna admit it.

More emotion coming your way because Happy and Toby had a small, but maybe powerful moment! Toby was so disappointed when he couldn't do his college bucket list again and so I'm happy to say that Happy made one of those things happen! Yep, they slow danced! So sweet and romantic and one of the few moments that I hope we will see in the future, that Happy brought her guard down.

Well, they finished their case (thanks again to Sylvester! Well the whole team really had a hand in it this time) and were able to go home and I'm thinking Paige just left the time capsule there on purpose. Knowing that Walter wanted to put something in he just either needed time or to be by himself to do it. For a half of a second, I thought we were gonna get tears from him when he saw the picture of him and his sister. We didn't, but he did end up putting it in the time capsule! Something he called a "complete waste of time" earlier. So there is still hope with him and emotion, it'll just take time.