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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review

Yes, I saw Star Wars. No, I don't consider myself a Star Wars nerd. Well, I do have some memorabilia, but not whole lot. I don't even own the other movies. I think I've only ever seen the new set of 3 like once. But hey, a new Star Wars comes out and like almost everybody, I've just gotta see it.

Even though I thought it was just Disney being Disney and wanting to make money after their newly purchased genre, it wasn't. This was indeed the plan the whole time. To make more of them. How many more, I have no clue, but after this one, I'm actually more of a Star Wars fan then I was going into it.

It was fresh and exciting, but not too fresh. They still had many walks down memory lane. Hey, Hans Solo and Chewie? Best parts ever! Princess Leia and Hans Solo? Awesome! Even the new characters weren't too hard to get attached too. Rey was amazing. Probably my favorite. Glad they decided to put a girl in the spotlight. Not that having a guy is bad, but it's nice when they change it up a bit once in a while. Finn, you could tell immediately that this Storm Trooper was having doubts, but I won't say too much without giving the whole movie away, though I hope most people have seen it by now. Finn and Rey? Well, I guess their story will be to be continued until next time.

Like always, the force between dark and light is the main war. Who will win? Well, hopefully it'll always be light, but you never know how movies will end these days. Especially since they plan on making two more. Right now, it's up in the air on who wins the final battle, but let's just say they have finally found a little more help that will hopefully be what they need the next time they face the big bad.

Who is surprisingly related to someone in the movie. If that's a spoiler, then I won't say who it is. Let's just say, it took me a minute for my mind to wrap around with what they were saying. But once you figure it out, you realize why the bad guy is on the path to death and destruction. Which is sad. But they had to have a new baddy in town and someone else new to join the Jedi's. May the force be with you and guide you to the best movie of the year.