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Supergirl "Hostile Takeover" Episode Review

One of the things that bugged me the most about any of the Superman TV shows or movies I've watched over the years is that it bugged me that no one could ever put two and two together that Clark and Superman were the same person. Sure glasses disguise somewhat, but seriously, no one ever finding out at all? So in a way, I'm glad that the secret is out of the bag. However, on the other hand, is it going to be a good thing for the show?

Most of the time, it takes half the season or longer for someone to reveal their true identity or they may never reveal. Or they reveal it to loved ones or potential loved ones that could help their relationship. That's another thing that I've liked about this show. That James already knew who Kara was and that Wynn found out shortly after she became Supergirl. But with this show they've only taken about half the season to let the main cast know who Supergirl really is.

Let's just hope it's not too soon for that big reveal. Sometimes half the fun of a show is someone trying to hide their identity from a loved one or from their friends, etc. I've never read any Supergirl comic books, so I have no clue what this part of the background is. If they are really sticking to the comic books, kudos for that. If they are doing this just to spice things up, then good for that too. It is CBS after all. A show that has already gotten this popular so fast, will hopefully stay on its feet for a while now. Most of CBS shows are a hit, so I'm not totally worried.

The minute Kara almost spilled the beans on how she figured out who hacked into Cat's personal email, I knew that was gonna be the last clue Cat needed in order to put two and two together. I do like it that someone finally figured out something, though. Like I said, though, hopefully it's not too soon for this show and people won't lose interest when all of the main cast knows who Supergirl is. 

Wynn is having a really hard time with the special hug that James and Kara shared. Though they both play it off as nothing, it clearly was something to both of them. Why James won't end things with Lucy and come to Kara is beyond me. But this is probably one of the things that will last the whole show. Hopefully we'll at least get a kiss or something here and there. I've watched shows long enough to know once a love story is one of the main focuses', it probably won't happen until the very end. Or it will happen and then the show will die off. 

I'm not sure why James was giving Wynn that advice. Maybe that was his way of saying, "Hey, I'm not gonna make a move on Kara yet, now's your chance" kind of way or maybe he really was just being a nice friend. Saying nothing is going on between them (but hello, there totally is) and giving Wynn the nudge he needs to let Kara know how he feels. But I don't think it's going to play out like Wynn would like. Kara doesn't feel that way about Wynn and I think that's why he gets nervous trying to think it through. Or maybe I'm just a huge James/Kara fan that I don't want anything else to get in the way and yes, I'm talking about Lucy.

Lucy was actually helpful in this situation Cat found herself in, though. Lucy really didn't know what was going on, but with her help they were able to get the "evidence" they needed in order for Cat to go to the guy and fire him so she didn't have to step down.

What a surprise to learn that Cat has a kid! I kind of figured that out right away, though and it was confirmed when Kara said she sent a Christmas card to this kid. Cat really does care for him, even if she doesn't want to admit. Why else would she think about giving up her company instead of letting that news get out that she's giving money to her very own son? 

Then there's the whole issue with Kara's aunt. Is she good? Is she bad? I really have no clue at this point. I see the good in her when she's around Kara. She really does have a soft spot for her, but it could all be just an act. If it really came down to it, I wouldn't be surprised if Astra would kill Kara. Astra's husband is definitely bad, but like I said, I'm not totally sure if Astra is herself or if she's being forced to go along with this. From that flashback we had. It looked like her and her sister used to be on the same page. Something happened, what was it? Was it Astra marrying her husband that changed the game or what? Who is to be trusted? Could Astra have saved their planet or is that all a big lie from her husband? I'm just as confused as when it first started. Some answers would be nice, but we may not get them right away. 

I am nervous that Cat knows Kara's secret now. With her being a big media person, that could be bad. But then again, when Kara got the call from the DEO about Max's place being under attack, Cat seemed more approving of Kara having to leave. And I think this might have helped their relationship even more. Cat already liked Supergirl. I think their relationship was put on a new level and I can't wait to see this form.