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Supergirl "Human For A Day" Episode Review

From the title of the episode, I was pretty much assuming what the episode itself was gonna be like. Kara had to go a day without powers. It's like all Smallville episodes when Clark lost his powers. Will he/she ever get them back or are they gone forever (her powers were lost because of the fight with the robot)?

Sure, the two episodes did have similar traits, but I actually enjoyed it instead of being annoyed that they were kind of copying Superman. But because of that James was able to help comfort Kara that even if you don't have your powers, you are still you. Your powers don't make you who you are. You can still be a hero if you choose to be one. 

You know how I was starting to kind of like Max before? Well, that's kind of gone with. Not sure if he's had a bad childhood or what that makes him so negative, but I did not like that. Sometimes in a natural disaster, you see the true side of someone. I did not like what I saw in Max. Glad he never actually went into being a doctor. He'd have a terrible bedside manner. 

So, that led to Cat actually being the voice of reason! Yes, I was just as surprised as everybody else at this. But it's nice to see her human side once in a while. Ok, you know what I mean, her soft side that isn't so harsh. Trying to give everybody a positive spin on things. Even if Supergirl couldn't be with them (though she wanted to really badly), they could still be their own little heroes.

The awkwardness between Kara, James and Wynn goes up a notch again. I knew this was gonna be a love triangle the minute they stepped onto the show. Sure James has a girlfriend and it seems like things are going pretty well for them. Which is a surprise since I thought that James wasn't too sure about their relationship. They are moving in together. I was actually for once, not too thrilled with Wynn for a change. I guess you can't be happy with a character all the time. But to completely tell Kara that she probably will never have a normal human romance was just wrong. Sure, he's jealous after walking in on that hug that James and Kara shared, but still. He shouldn't say things like that. I'm not sure where they fit in Superman with this story, but does no one remember Lois? Unless they haven't officially gotten together yet and so that could be why. But Kara, you have hope. Superman finds someone, so will you and I think James is that someone. Or at least I'm hoping he is.

Now to the big reveal that I kind of saw coming already. I mean, if you've watched or read any of the comic books of Superman, you basically know this character already. Having watched Smallville and how they portrayed his character there, it wasn't hard to guess that Hank was going to be the same thing. However, it did lead to something I was so hoping wouldn't be the case. Alex's father is in fact dead. But he died for something good. The agencies was tracking an alien they thought was bad. Her father realized that he was good, but it was too late. So, he died in order to protect the alien. Hank died that night as well and so Martian Hunter became Hank that we know today. I'm so glad it didn't take all season to reveal this! But no one can know about it. However, I doubt that Kara will stay in the dark for long about it. Superman knows, why can't Supergirl? All of this was also happening in the middle of a major, awful alien getting loose in the DEO. Don't worry, Hank saves the day. 

Thanks to Wynn, Kara knew that she needed a burst of energy of sorts to rush through her body in order to jump start her powers again. I guess that rush was almost seeing James fall to his death. They came back just in time to save him and to fix the rest of the city after the earthquake.

But Kara can't have a quiet day to relax and enjoy the fact that she saved the city after her powers come back. Because her Aunt decides to pay her a visit. "My Dear Niece. Did you really think this was over?".