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Supergirl "Red Faced" Episode Review

Everybody wants a normal life. Even a superhero, but once you have super powers, your life is anything but normal. Powers are your new normal. You just have to be willing to get used to it that way. Kara has always had her powers, but now she's getting to do something with them, which has changed her life for the better, she just doesn't know it yet.

Because of that, she has anger issues to deal with. It always boils down to one thing that has made you angry. You just have to figure out what that is and work to control it. She did and it actually helped her defeat the newest "alien" this week.

She wouldn't have come to that conclusion if it wasn't for Cat's help. Yep, her and Cat had another awesome bonding moment, even if Cat wouldn't admit that in a million years. We all understand Cat a whole lot better now after meeting her mother. Well, at least I do. There is always something that is at the center of your anger. Now we know that Cat's mother is the center of her anger.

While all of this is going on, they've recruited Wynn to help figure out what has happened to Alex's father. Speaking of Alex, do her and Max have a thing going now? In a way, Max almost reminds me of the Lex of Metropolis. I just hope I'm wrong because it's almost kind of cute seeing their flirting. But again, he could be a bad guy, so I could be way off. Now I'm way off, let's get back to the father news. Wynn did find something. There could be a small hope that their father is still alive, but on a some island and that Hank was the last one to see him alive. Either Hank is truly evil and killed the father, or something bad happened to him that made that happen or something else way out there. But I have hope that he could possibly be alive.

Game night is totally cute! But seriously, is it just her, Wynn and James normally? Because that spells awkward for me. This week, however, they decided to kick that up a notch by adding Lucy to the mix! Seeing her and James play games together, really set something off in Kara. She did not like seeing that at all. Wynn called it, though, it was not a fun night.

Now Kara adds more to her anger fire already brewing. She wants to impress Lucy and General Lane by beating the robot. She does, but her anger gets the best of her and they lose the robot which is automatically somehow blamed on Kara. I'm glad that the robot wasn't an easy, one fight and it's down kind of thing. Since the show is progressing, I hope they make this a habit.

In the end, I think Supergirl at least made a good impression on Lucy (since you know, she saved her life), but totally missed the bullseye when it came to General Lane. Though Lucy never actually said "Thank you" to her, I could just tell by the look she gave Kara that their relationship had mended. I think it was the little push Lucy needed to not work with her dad anymore and stay there with James. Which probably won't make Kara happy, but it'll be interesting to see this all play out.