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Vampire Diaries "Cold As Ice" Episode Review

Let's just let that shocker of a cliffhanger try and settle into us! Nope, I don't think that'll happen! Why in the world would they decide to spice things up now when we will have a 3 week break?! Why oh why do that to us? I'm sure they did it on purpose. But still. I'm also trying to remind myself that everything does eventually fix itself, but that's not helping, at all.

All is normal or as normal as it seems in a vampire town for Christmas. Can this family ever have a normal sit down dinner for the holidays? I guess they can't. Bonnie was put in charge of the charity and trying to fix Nora's messed up relationship. Caroline is having hormone issues with being pregnant and that's not a good thing. Well, even if you are human, it's still not fun, but when you are a vampire, you wanna rip someone's head off one minute and are completely fine the next and she has no clue how to handle it since this is the first time this has ever happened to anyone.

In a weird way, I can kind of see why Alaric and Caroline might become a thing. For the first time ever, since this show has started, I finally see something possibly forming between them. Even with all of her burst outs, Alaric still tries to be there for her even if she pushes him away. I could see that being the reason why she would even consider going to him as more then a friend. Caroline is already starting to show? Gotta love TV time. 

Then there's the whole Stefan on revenge thing. Damon should be ok with this. After all, Damon was on revenge for a while. Well, not totally wanting to kill someone, but he wanted to make someone's life miserable for a while, so he should go along with it. But he somehow isn't. Surprising, yes. But what's even more surprising is when level headed Damon comes out and saves the day.

Stefan really should have listened to Damon and let the revenge story go. But coming from Damon, that's hard to imagine that he'd say anything like that. Still, if Stefan had listened, then they wouldn't be in the mess they are in. Again, I do keep reminding myself that it does work out. We've seen three years from now and I am more thankful for those flash forwards then I've been since they first started. It's still not helping!

Not that I minded the new season and I've hardly missed Elena (sorry Elena fans, but it's true for me at least), but the show did need something, but why in the world would they go with this? The fact that our two beloved vampires are now trapped in that stupid ball that should have been destroyed a long time ago, is the mess they find themselves in. Instead of celebrating Christmas with loved ones, Damon and now Stefan (thanks to an angry Nora after finding out he kidnapped Mary Louise) are trapped in their own personal hell. I'm not sure if either one of them will make it out alive. I hope they will, but I shutter to think what either one of them is going through. We've already had a glimpse at what Damon is going through. But what in the world could Stefan be going through? I don't even want my mind to imagine such awful things.