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Vampire Diaries "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" Episode Review

Ok, who else was pretty disappointed when Lilly showed herself as being the big bad guy that's after them in the three years from now? Because I for one, was. So you have no idea how happy I felt at the end when we learned that it actually wasn't her. I don't even know who it was. At this point, I'm not even sure if it's a girl that's after them now. Since they threw a twist in there that I'm hoping Damon actually gets out of this situation. Which is kind of shocking to me, since I was so mad at what he decided to say to his dying mother.

The episode itself wasn't bad, but seriously, the end could have gone a completely different way and I'm so mad that they didn't do that. Of course, they need Julian, in a way, I guess, so killing him in the 8th episode probably wouldn't be the best way to handle season 7, but still. I was pretty frustrated with Lilly when she decided to stake herself instead of shoving that stake at Julian. I don't care what Lilly was thinking. I think she knew perfectly well that Julian wasn't going to die. She just didn't want to choose between her son and Valerie. Both of whom she's taking a liking to. Even if Damon is a complete jerk to his own mother.

Sure, there's the whole abandoning thing he went through at a young age. But he's always been like this. The only person to ever truly change him was Elena and now that she's gone, he's gone back to his old self. Someone that I can't even stand. Ok, I don't hate him like I used to, but Stefan is still my favorite. 

I guess it should be no surprise to me that Julian is the one that was capturing and compelling those people in town to "rest" at those places. All to throw a big party for the "mean girls" of the bunch? I highly doubt that was what his plan was for them. I'm wondering if he knew that someone was on to him and he had to find an excuse to hide them. 

Another moment when I went "Ugh seriously?!" (I did that more often then not in this episode), was when Mary Louise decided to side with Julian! Why in the world would she even side with someone like that? Thinking Valerie had made up that awful story? Because of that, their plan on killing him was stopped once again. If they want to go about this like when they wanted to try and kill Klaus, this could go on to several season. Let's just hope that won't be the case.

Who else thought that Tyler and Jeremy could be the mysterious people helping Matt capturing Enzo? What's Matt's plan in on this anyways? I couldn't even begin to guess, but it would be nice to have Jeremy back. Those are the only people I could think of that would be helping him. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking since I miss Jeremy and Bonnie who wasn't even in this episode. 

Something that didn't completely annoy me this time, were Caroline and Stefan. Caroline is having a pretty hard time getting around the fact that she's actually pregnant. Then there's the whole having to tell her boyfriend thing. He just basically sat there and then quickly left. I guess I wouldn't know how to react in a situation like that either, but I really wonder what happens to them in the future? How do they go from a happy couple in love to not wanting anything to do with each other and Caroline marrying someone else? It's times like these that make me more into the flash forward then the actual episode at hand and I hope I'm not the only one who is like that.