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Austin and Ally Finale

One of my all time favorite shows has concluded tonight! I was impressed at how well they did the finale, though. Sure, there were some things that bugged me about it. Why did Trish have to end up with Chuck? Why couldn't she have ended up with one of her past boyfriends? Other then that, it was amazing.

I am glad that Austin didn't propose to Ally the first time. I felt like they would have been too young, etc. Though I kind of do wish it would have happened, since they spent the next 4 years hating each other. Then again, when Ally said "No, I can't" I first thought she was going to say "I met someone else".  So I was completely relieved knowing it was Dez working his computer magic to make a happy ending for his movie.

But that's what the whole episode was about. Trying to get this amazing team back together. Trish with one of her crazy schemes and Dez just being Dez. Not to mention the awesome characters they brought back from past episodes and rebooting some of the stuff that even happened in the first episode - yes, I'm talking about Ally destroying yet another Helen set, nice touch there Disney! 

Throughout it all, they were reunited and went on tour together as it should have been all along. Then it did the time jump again. This time 10 years later. Back to where it all started. Austin and Ally eventually got married and had a little boy and girl of their own. Dez ended up marrying Carry (who still is her quirky self) and Trish ended up with, well you know who. 

They concluded everything. Gave us what we wanted (and some stuff we or at least I didn't want). Well done Disney. Now, can we ever get a movie? This is the first Disney show that hasn't gotten a movie out of the deal. I think it's about time to reward us fans with that. Hint, hint.

You will be missed, Austin and Ally.