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Hawaii Five-0 "Kuleana (One's Personal Sense of Responsibility)" Episode Review

Danny's and Steve's argument take a whole new level. That is, in the air! Poor lady in the middle. I felt bad for her. Then of course, we got more of it when they went to couples therapy! However, Steve didn't read it right and actually signed them up for marriage couple therapy! Oops! And yes, Danny hated Steve for that little mess up. I didn't think I could love an episode more until I watched this one. The one thing I have felt like they've lacked last season and this season is one of my favorite things. The awesome arguments of Danny and Steve. This episode totally made up for that. But it could have also helped their relationship as well. Let's just hope those little arguments aren't gone forever, though!

Their new case was awesome too! Because it involved Kamekono. Someone who we usually see once or twice in an episode. This time, we saw him throughout the episode and learned a whole lot about him.

Like the first time he met Chin, his family's background and how he got to be the loving man we know today. It was all actually due to Chin why Kamekono always thinks big about his job schemes. He didn't want to be an errand boy for a drug dealer anymore. He wanted to do something legit. 

Yep, Kamekono was in fact a drug dealer. Well, errand boy more likely. He was good at it and someone noticed that and hired him. Levi. The guy who took him and his brother down a dark path. Jail changed Kamekono in the way jail should. It didn't to Levi or his brother. 

I'm so glad that the show didn't end like I was thinking it was going to. Kamekono being dead. In fact, it ended the way I wanted it to. Levi wanted Kamekono's own brother to kill him since he is the one who told on Levi all those years ago. But in the end, I'm pretty sure it ended up being the brother who killed Levi. Since we actually didn't see that happen, I'm just assuming that's how it happened.

Oh you thought that was the end of the episode? So did I. Kamekono reminiscing on when Chin gave him that "get rich quick" sort of book. But nope. We see Adam in jail again. Thinking it's Kono coming to see him again. Surprise! It's Gabriel! He needs something from Adam. How or what I couldn't even begin to think what he'd need from in jail, but it's something big or else he wouldn't threaten Adam like he did "Don't say anything. I have someone on your house.". That's it, that's how it ended! Really? Now that I'm all caught up you leave with a cliffhanger like that?! So not nice, TV, so not nice!